Country-Loving TikTok Sensation Tyler Nolan Reveals the Secret to His Success

Tyler Nolan isn't the type of guy who ever thought he'd have more than a million TikTok followers, but his relatable videos (and love of country music) helped him achieve just that by being his most authentic self.

The content creator is also a certified trainer, which just might be why he's so good at inspiring people without even trying. Needless to say, we're huge fans, and we got the chance to ask him about how he grew his TikTok and what it means to him to reach so many people with his videos. Here's what he had to say.

Sweety High: What initially drew you to TikTok as a platform? Has the kind of content you post evolved and changed over time?

Tyler Nolan: I have always loved to create content and that's what initially drew me into TikTok. My content hasn't changed much at all over time, although I was also nervous when I first started TikTok to show exactly who I was because I'd never put myself on a platform like that. Once I gained traction, it kind of gave me the reassurance to keep posting who I was and that people enjoyed that.

SH: What was the first video you posted that made you realize you'd really taken off?

TN: The first video that I posted that had a lot of traction was a country video. I got into my car and played country music, and put a caption that said, "Leaving your friend group that only listens to rap."

@tylernolanFinally putting on some country… ##fyp ##makeadrink ##foryou ##trending ##country ##morganwallen ##viral♬ original sound – Tyler Nolan


SH: Did you ever imagine that you might gain a million followers?

TN: I never imagined that I would gain even close to 1 million followers. I honestly didn't really think about the number and I think that's what helped me grow as much as I have. I never put too much pressure on it.


SH: What do you think it is about you and your channel that's gotten you to this point?

TN: Something that has got me to this point is definitely really being who I am and staying true to that.


SH: How does your work as a personal trainer play into the type of content you make?

TN: With being a personal trainer and having the following it definitely helps me gain clientele. Training and nutrition are some of my biggest passions, so being able to post that with the following I do and having people behind me and supporting that is amazing.


SH: Does inspiring and empowering people come naturally to you?

TN: I believe inspiring and empowering people is something that I've never really pushed or forced. I just post content that I stand behind and love to do. I'm fortunate and beyond blessed that people see that and enjoy it as well.


SH: What's the coolest thing you've been able to do because of TikTok?

TN: By far the coolest thing that I've been able to do since gaining the following on TikTok is meeting hundreds of down-to-earth supporters and creators. This platform has gained me friends that will last a lifetime.


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