Tyler Posey Talks Growing Up and Playing Scott Again for Teen Wolf: The Movie

Our lives haven't been quite the same since MTV's Teen Wolf went off the air in 2017, so when we heard that the beloved series would be returning this year in the form of a new film, we couldn't contain our excitement.

The movie dropped last week on Paramount+, seeing the return of star Tyler Posey as the titular no-longer-a-teen wolf, Scott McCall, more than a decade after the events of the show's finale. With a horrible new evil terrorizing Beacon Hills, it's up to Scott to return home and gather a powerful team of hellhounds, kitsunes, werecoyotes, banshees and more to save the day. In addition to continuing the classic story, the movie serves as an epic and poignant reunion, also starring Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed and so many more, and if you're a longtime Teen Wolf fan who hasn't seen the movie yet, prepare to have your heart melted.

Of course, this reunion has meant the most to the stars themselves—especially Tyler. We had the opportunity to chat with him all about the new movie and what it means to return to the iconic character, as well as discuss what might be next for the Teen Wolf franchise.

Sweety High: Five years after the conclusion of Teen Wolf on MTV, what does it mean to you to be back for the film?

Tyler Posey: It means everything to me. There's always been something really special about Teen Wolf since it started, and I never want to let it die.


SH: What did it feel like to step back into the character, and to reunite with some of the actors you spent so many years with?

TP: It was a total trip. A little scary, because I wasn't sure if I still knew how to play Scott. But as soon as they said action, it all came back to me. And getting to work with everyone again was just the f***ing best. They really are family.

Teen Wolf: The Movie - Tyler Posey as Scott McCall reuniting with other characters

(Teen Wolf: The Movie via Paramount+)


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SH: What can you tell us about the new movie? What have Scott and his friends been up to since the conclusion of the show, and where do we find them now?

TP: The new movie takes place 15 years after the last time we've seen the pack. Scott has moved away from Beacon Hills to look for a more quiet life, but the chaos always seems to find him.


SH: Do you feel like you've grown a lot as an actor since the end of the show? In what ways? Does it feel like Scott has grown along with you, as you return to the character?

TP: It does feel like I've grown. I honestly think this movie is the best work I've ever done, and I'm excited to do more. I'm more present now—more confident with my choices—and Scott has completely grown along with me in a similar aspect. He's a little more relaxed and confident with his choices.

Teen Wolf: The Movie - Tyler Posey as Scott McCall

(Teen Wolf: The Movie via Paramount+)


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SH: What was your most memorable moment from the set?

TP: Getting to wear the lacrosse uniform again was really cool. Such a nostalgic feeling, I love it.

Teen Wolf: The Movie - Tyler Posey as Scott McCall wearing lacrosse uniform

(Teen Wolf: The Movie via Paramount+)


SH: What are you most excited for fans to see when they watch the movie?

TP: I'm excited for them to see how Scott has grown, and how we've all grown as actors. These characters are people the fans grew up knowing, and it's nice to know how they've turned out over the years.

Teen Wolf: The Movie - Tyler Posey as Scott McCall shapeshifters team up

(Teen Wolf: The Movie via Paramount+)


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

TP: I'm excited for more Teen Wolf and to keep the story moving.


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