Everything You Wanted to Know About Teen Wolf Actor Tyler Posey

As the star of MTV's hit show Teen Wolf, actor Tyler Posey needs no introduction—and in 2023, the star is coming back in a big way.

In January, he released a brand new single called "Lemon"—and just a day after the drop of the highly anticipated film, Teen Wolf: The Movie, streaming now on Paramount+. With Tyler's return to music-making, as well as to the iconic character of Scott McCall, there's never been a better time to be a fan. If you adore Tyler as much as we do, keep scrolling to discover everything Tyler shared with us as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Trivia Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Storm Santos)


Name: Tyler Posey

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: October 18

Zodiac sign: Libra


Fun Facts:

1. Tyler's most-used emoji is the pleading face 🥺.

2. When he was younger, he had a big crush on Lola Bunny from the original Space Jam movie.


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3. The weirdest rumor he ever heard about himself was that he's in the Illuminati.

"Because it's not true, haha. Or maybe they told me to say that…"

-Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey in pine tree
(Photo credit: Storm Santos)

4. His biggest pet peeve is bullying, whether it's in person or online.

5. The best concert he ever went to was his first time seeing blink-182 live.

"They're my favorite band, and it was their first tour back since they broke up the first time."

-Tyler Posey


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6. Dogs are his favorite animals.

"They're so emotional and polite!"

-Tyler Posey

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7. Fight Club is his favorite movie of all time.

8. Tyler admits he doesn't actually feel very "guilty" about his guilty pleasures.

"But I guess it's watching s****y reality TV shows with my girlfriend."

-Tyler Posey


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9. The last celebrity he got starstruck over was his good friend, American Pickers' Mike Wolfe.

10. If they made a movie about Tyler's life, he'd want to cast his brother, Jesse Posey, as himself.

Tyler Posey crouching against wall

(Photo credit: Storm Santos)


11. Above everything else, Tyler just wants to be the best person he can be—both for himself and for the world.

"I want to help further the evolution of our species spiritually. I want to help make the planet and universe and better place for everyone and everything. I want to spread love."

-Tyler Posey


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