When I was younger, I used to fry my hair pin straight with a flat iron before years later realizing that it was time for curls.

Though I wanted curls, I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of a curling iron. I didn’t want to keep asking my mom to do them for me, so I went back to the only thing I knew how to use: the flat iron. I mastered the technique of twirling the flat iron to produce long beach curls, but that left me with just about every end of my hair being split and damaged. I couldn’t even grow my hair out anymore because I would get the damage cut off and then rip through it with a flat iron day after day.

I needed something that would take a more delicate approach and came across an iron that goes both ways to achieve beachy curls and pin-straight strands—the Tyme Iron. I watched videos of girls with the sleek iron glide down their strands in one simple motion, leaving a either a perfect bouncy curl or a smooth and shiny lock. My fine hair breaks easily, so seeing how gentle the iron was with the hair made me eager to try it.

Once I received my brand new Tyme Iron, I dove right into the curling process, which is when I realized the Tyme Iron takes some practice to master. I ran the iron down my hair numerous times, creating nothing before I went to their super helpful website to watch their how-to videos.

As I mentioned, using the Tyme Iron off the bat isn’t necessarily a cinch, but below are some mistakes that I made so you don’t have to:

1. I dove right into attempted styling before learning how to use the iron. There is a specific maneuver to use the iron in which they tell you to hold it like a motorcycle bar and then “vroom” like revving an engine while pulling down the strand towards the mirror.

2. I used my left hand instead of my right hand. The maneuver felt very unnatural with my left hand, but once I switched to my right it became much easier. Make sure the iron is facing upward when you do the right side of your head and downward as you reach over your head to do the left side.

3. I didn’t section my hair. You need to clip the top part of your hair up to do the bottom section first and take small vertical sections from the same part of the head so that the iron can grab the hair in the correct way.

4. I moved too quickly and squeezed the iron too tightly. It’s key to go slowly down your strand depending on the thickness of your hair and to not squeeze! Hold the iron gently so that you don’t even feel it.


I took the first picture outside of my house before doing my hair. After a couple rounds of practice I finally mastered the technique and it was so easy to do. I would suggest spending a night practicing before rushing to get perfect curls before an important outing. With my fine hair it only took about 20 minutes to do but I assume I’ll get quicker with practice. My result was a combination of tight, prom-like curls and loose beachy waves that I got a picture of once I got to work as they were still holding strong.


tyme-afterpic2-050317This is how the curls looked once I got home. I was happy with how they held up all day long!

The best part is that the people at Tyme are so helpful! If you’re still struggling, they will teach how to use the iron for your desired style from free one-on-one sessions with a virtual stylist along with the many helpful videos on their website to help you achieve waves, curls and even pin-straight hair.

My only concerns with the iron are its only temperature is a whopping 400 degrees. Lots of steam comes out while you style and I hope that it won’t cause any more damage. There is also no automatic shut-off, so I hope to not run into the panic-inducing “did I leave my straightener on?” problem that every girl has has encountered.

Overall, would I recommend the Tyme Iron? Yeah! It sits at a $150 price point but it’s an amazing tool that you will have for years to come.


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