The 5 Types of Frenemies You'll Encounter in Life

Frenemies are the worst.

Most people assume there's a cut and dry, one type of frenemy, but in actuality, there are several different forms of this toxic individual.

One characteristic each type of frenemy has in common? They have a way of sucking you in. They're manipulative and you can't seem to get rid of them. You know they're bad, but sometimes you can't help yourself and you get sucked into their poisonous vortex.


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Think you may have a frenemy on your hands? Keep reading for the five various types—and steer clear!

1. The On-Again, Off-Again Frenemy

This is the most common kind of frenemy. One day you're attached to this person at the hip and can't imagine life without them, and the next day you have a huge fight, telling everyone that you guys are done—for good this time. When it's good with this person, it'great, and when it's bad, it'baaad. Everyone who knows you guys always asks where you stand because nobody can predict how things will be between the two of you from one day to the next. You tell yourself things will change and that maybe this time is different, but these types of friendships tend to stay consistently inconsistent.


2. The Hot and Cold Frenemy

This is the frenemy whose behavior you can never predict. One day they're super nice to you and want to hang out, and the next day, they're yelling something disparaging at you, probably making fun of you in some way. This isn't the on-again, off-again friend, because it's not like there's really ever any disagreement on your end. It's more how the other person feels at the moment. They tend to be a pretty intense person, and you never want to get on their bad side. But sometimes you are the unfortunate victim of their unstable mood and their clear lack of confidence.


3. The Silent But Deadly Frenemy

This is the frenemy who you get along with consistently. They're super chatty with you, they laugh at all your jokes and sometimes they even confide in you with deep secrets. But, the kicker? They're always secretly scheming behind your back, slyly attempting to ruin your reputation or tamper with a friendship you have with someone else. You have a sense there's something shady going on, but these types of people are so good at covering their tracks that you really can't call them out or pinpoint one specific thing they've done. This is usually someone who is jealous of you in some way.


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4. The Controlling Frenemy

This is the frenemy who sings your praises to your face and tells you how much they love hanging out with you. This all sounds fine and dandy, but it's not, because they also want you all to themselves. They have serious jealousy issues and although on the surface it seems like they have your best interests at heart, they actually don't want you to succeed and don't want you to be happy in the presence of anyone but them. They will constantly freak out about where you are and who you're with, and if you're having a truly bad day or are going through a funk, they'll act like they care, but they won't make any effort to at least try to make your day brighter.

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5. The Frenemy You Refuse to Believe Is a Frenemy

This is the frenemy that we wear rose-colored glasses around. Our family and friends point out the little insults they casually spew your way, or how they paint you in an unnecessarily negative light. But this person is so manipulative that they've caused you to only see things from their point of view. They are never wrong in your eyes and every problem your friendship has encountered is your fault. In your mind, they've been such a great friend to you and have given you so many chances, but you're the one who keeps messing up. Everyone besides them tries to tell you otherwise, but you're so insistent that's it all you and not them.


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