The 7 Types of Friends You'll Find in Every Friend Group

Whether you've known them since birth or you met just a few weeks ago, friends are so incredibly important to our lives.

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They're the people that bring us up when we're down and make us laugh until we cry, with each member of the group playing a slightly different (but no less integral) role. Ever notice that, whether it's your friend group or the ones you see on television, every friend group seems to have a few of the same characters? Yeah, so have we. Here are a few of the types of friends you'll find in every group, starting with:


1. The Loud One

You know that person in your group that you love, but that sometimes you wish could learn what volume control is? Meet the loud friend, a core member of every friend group. Undoubtedly an extrovert, this friend can make any hangout a good time and tell any story like it's the greatest thing that's ever happened. However, this is the friend that you may have to warn your parents about if they're coming over and who probably gets you in trouble for talking during class (but you know they're worth it all in the end).


2. The Shy One

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the shy friend within every friend group, the direct counterpart to the loud one. This friend has taught you that being shy isn't necessarily a bad thing—it just means that some people take a little longer to get comfortable but that it's worth the effort to break down those barriers. An ideal friend for movie nights and small-group sleepovers, this friend probably has a lot more to say than they may let on at first.


3. The One Who's Always in a Relationship

It's normal to have a few coupled-up friends within your group, but then there's that one person that seems to always be in a relationship. This person's love life feels exhausting to everyone around them—after all, how do they even have the time to meet all these people, let alone actually go on dates/hang out with them?—but you also can't help but enjoy living vicariously through them for the drama of it all. If this person ever makes you or your group feel neglected because of their relationship-seeking, though, make sure you let them know. And also, you should never let them make you feel bad for being the "single friend," and you can click HERE to read why.


4. The Fashionable One

This person is always ahead of the trends, looks effortlessly flawless and has a closet full of items you can't wait to borrow. Getting ready at this person's house is always the best, especially if you aren't feeling your outfit and need an accessory to take it to the next level. Spend enough time with this person and you may even notice yourself taking on some of their style habits before you even ever see them on your TikTok feed.

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5. The Mom Friend

Because "mom friend" tends to come with a negative connotation, let's change this up to be the "prepared friend." This is the person you can count on to always make sure everyone is having a good time, organize a plan whenever you're going somewhere, suggest the best activity ideas that actually end up happening and probably have snacks on hand as well. If you have a friend who has known which college they wanted to go to since they were 10, always looks put together and asks you to text them when you get home after a hangout, this is most likely the prepared friend.


6. The One With the Go-To Hangout House

While your crew likely spends time at various hangout spots, every group seems to have that one house that just becomes the go-to. Maybe it's because that particular friend has the coolest siblings, the comfiest couch, largest movie selection or just that their mom always has food ready to feed you all, but no matter what the reason may be, it's always great to have a fallback location for your group to gather. Just make sure you thank this friend (and their parents) and show them how much you appreciate it.


7. The Positive One

There are some amazing people out there who have gone through so much in life, but still maintain a sense of optimism and positivity that's simply contagious. This is the person that always greets you with a heartfelt compliment and that you can come to with absolutely anything, and somehow they'll know exactly how to make you feel better. They aren't annoyingly positive, either (toxic positivity is a thing, people), they just have a way of making everyone smile and can show you the bright side to any situation. If you have a positive friend within your group, know that you're lucky to have them.

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While this list doesn't include every type of friend within every friend group, you probably recognize at least a couple. Still feel like you may be a bit of a black sheep within your group? Click HERE to check out the signs.