7 Types of Huggers Everyone Encounters

In a world of handshakes, many of us would rather lend a more personal touch with a hug.

While a hug seems like a simple enough embrace, everyone does it just a little bit differently, resulting in either the best hug of your life or the most awkward contact you've ever encountered.

Whatever your reason, everyone falls into one of these seven categories of huggers below.

Continue reading to discover what type of hugger you are:

The Anaconda Squeeze Hugger

We're all familiar with the type of hugger who squeezes our torso like they're actually attempting to make our eyes pop out as if we're a stress doll. Often, but not necessarily always, this type of hugger is known to commence rocking back and forth with our bodies within their grasp as if to say, "I missed you so much I must now exemplify my emotion with physical strength." But you wouldn't expect anything less because the Anaconda Squeeze Hugger is a person who lives a little extra in all aspects of their life.


The Always Hugger

This type of hugger is also the type of person who self-identifies with the act. You've doubtlessly heard them say, "I'm a hugger," before going in for a warm embrace. These people are known to extend both arms rather than one when meeting a new person to bypass the impersonal handshake. In fact, it's their favorite way to greet anyone, from a brand new acquaintance to an old friend, and they are extremely unapologetic about it. Hey! It's in their DNA. For better or worse, the Always Hugger is known to give A+ hugs.

Fuller House group hug

(Fuller House via Netflix)


The Side Hugger

This type of hugger always goes in for the one-armed side hug. We're not really sure if physical contact makes them nauseous or they just don't get the proper dynamics of a hug. Either way, this hug is almost always awkward and definitely not the type you look forward to after a long time since seeing an old friend. We do, however, appreciate this side hug when snapping a photo with the hugger because it makes us feel just that much more special to them.


The Back Rub Hugger

About as opposite from the Side Hugger as you can get is the Back Rub Hugger. This person is known to give the warmest hugs that touch our heart and soul. Along with a decently tight embrace, these huggers go one step further to rub or pat our backs, saying with the simple gesture, "I love and cherish our friendship." While this embrace is extra special, you can't deny that there is a time and place for the added back pat.

Betty and Polly hug

(Riverdale via the CW)


The Uncomfortable Hugger

You should probably back away now because your embrace is definitely making this type of hugger uncomfortable. They are known to hold their arms so wide that they seemingly have a beach ball between them which results in an extra wide, contactless pseudo-hug. Sometimes they double-tap your back with a quick and swift motion as if to say, "Time's up," or else to provide their maximum amount of comfortable contact. These types of huggers get the job done in a millisecond and never linger in your arms. They'd really just rather wave in your direction to acknowledge your greeting, but hey, they're willing to compromise with a short, embraceless hug.


The Awkwardly Too-Long Hugger

We all know someone who hugs for a second or two too long. Sure, if it'd been months since you'd last seen this person, a long hug would be appropriate, except for the fact that this hugger goes the distance each and every time. They don't really pick up on the social cue to let go once you've dropped your arms and began to pull away… so you're forced to awkwardly bring your arms back into the embrace. This touch-and-go-style hug may be uncomfortable for you, but the long hugger feels right at home.

Veronica and Archie hug

(Riverdale via the CW)


The Best Hugger

We can't put our finger on it, but there are just some people in the world who are blessed with the ability to give the perfect hug. Not too long, but not too short; not too tight but not too loose and always somehow the exact hug that we needed that day. We don't know how they do it, but the best huggers are also the type of people who always smell good and wear soft clothing, all of which add to the ultimate hugging experience. On days when we're feeling down and on days when we're celebrating, the Best Huggers are the ones we want around.

The Bold Type friends hug

(The Bold Type via Freeform)


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