The Various Types of Stress You Can Experience

There's not a single soul who hasn't been stressed out at least once in their life.

We're all bound to experience it at some point, but you may not realize there are actually different types of stress.

Scroll below to discover the types of this emotion, what causes them and how to deal with them best.


As you probably guessed, this type of stress occurs when physical activities cause harm to the body. Injury or illness totally mess with your body, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Traveling is a common type of physical stressor, because it disrupts your sleeping pattern. Getting too much or too little sleep is never a good thing. To limit the amount of physical stress you experience, make sure to get enough sleep and eat right.

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Emotional stress is the most common type of this emotion. Just about anything and everything can cause emotional stress. From going through a tough breakup to failing an important exam, to even being late to class, tons of things that can take a toll on you emotionally. The key to not letting this type of stress get too out of hand is being open and honest with your feelings. Don't keep it all locked inside. Instead, talk to someone. That could be someone you know or a professional. It depends on what you feel most comfortable doing.



Mental stress is similar to emotional stress, but there are some key differences. Mental stress occurs when one feels the need to constantly be perfect. When you don't live up to these standards, you'll feel like a failure. This prevents you from being able to get things done, because you're so overridden with the anxiety caused by not being perfect that you just don't do anything. Developing a positive relationship with yourself is the way to combat this type of stress. Know that there is no success without failure.

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Often overlooked, traumatic stress is still a type of stress many experience. As the name implies, it is generally caused by a traumatic life event—generally, a near-death experience or losing a loved one. This isn't a type of stress to be taken lightly, so speaking with a professional is the way to go.



Psycho-spiritual stress is caused when one feels as though they have no purpose in life. They've lost all sense of direction and aren't sure what they should do. Their overall happiness is very low and they likely spend most of their days isolated from the outside world. Again, seeking professional help is your best bet in conquering this type of stress.

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