This Portable, Full-Body Workout Tool Is Also a Piece of Fine Artwork

In case you missed my announcement a while back, I am not a fan of cardio.

Like, not a fan is an understatement—I despise it.

Yes, I'm well-aware that cardio is key to shedding pounds, but after participating in a triathlon a few years ago and taking on women's crossfit for about 10 months shortly thereafter, I can wholeheartedly say I have experienced enough to know it is not my thing.

That said, I've been on a hunt for creative methods to get around it. I've been active in hot yoga for more than a year, but even though I sweat like crazy and feel great after a class, I know this isn't the routine that's going to whip me into shape.

After actively trying to figure out a happy medium workout, I began using an 8-lb. Ubarre. Like its name suggests, it is a bar shaped like a U. Created by BestU Studio's Kodi Kitchen, this special piece of equipment, which comes in several different weight options, allows you to tone and sculpt any time and any place you choose. I began by using it for approximately 20 minutes a day right in my living room. And then I found it's incredibly easy to slip into my luggage whenever I travel.

Using the workout videos provided on the BestU Studio website, I was working up a sweat in no time. Whether I wanted to work on my upper body, abs or full body, there was the perfectly challenging routine waiting for me. 20 minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but this workout will surprise you (in the best way!). So, even though I'm not running up a hill or doing box jumps, I'm definitely getting my fitness fix and it's truly a challenge, based on the way you hold and swing the bar.

But the part that wowed me even more than the workout itself is that the tool doubles as a fine piece of art. And I guess that makes sense, considering its $150 price point at Neiman Marcus. But trust me, folks, this bad boy is worth it. Not only do I use my gold metallic bar (there are four tones to choose from) on the reg, but when it's not being used, it serves as a fancy bookholder.


Yes, that's right. Kodi created the product with the motto, "merging fashion and function," and she's labeled it perfectly. Instead of glaring at an ugly dreaded treadmill, I have this beautiful piece of artwork that I don't associate with negativity when I'm ready to dive into the videos.

So even if it's a half-gift for your aspiring new fitness routine and a half-gift for mom's bedroom, this is definitely one tool you need to try.


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