This Mysterious Purple Food Is Blowing Up on Instagram

Have you seen any mysterious-looking purple foods on your Insta feed lately? If so, you're probably looking at ube, the latest food craze to entertain us on social media.

But what's ube? It's a bright lavender yam used in a variety of desserts including cookies, cakes, pastries and even ice cream.

Recently, ube has hit the foodie scene fast and hard, and people are sharing their most extravagant ube-filled treats for all. Scroll below to see the purple-hued wonders.

Ube Chicken & Waffles

Yep, you saw here it first. That's purple chicken & waffles for ya.


Ube Cheesecake

Cheesecake in a vibrant lavender shade? We're all about that. 


Ube Cookies

Purple cookies are so wrong, but then again so right.


Ube Rice Krispies Treats

We'll take this whole batch of gooey treats. 


Ube Pancakes

That's seven layers of purple goodness.


Ube Layered Mille Cake

Whoa, we can't even count the purple layers in this decadent mille cake. 


Ube Marshmallows

Purple marshmallows are something we can get behind.


Ube Donut

It doesn't matter the shade of the donut, we will take it. How rad is this treat?

Can a donut be too pretty to eat? #ube #manilasocialclub #donuts #foodporn #eeeeeats #eaterny #donutscookiesandcream

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Ube Ice Cream

This ube and coconut Stracciatella has our names written all over it.


Ube Pop-Tarts

You haven't seen anything until you've seen an ube-smothered pop-tart. 

Is it just us or does everything look tastier in the shade of purple?


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