18 Iconic Ugly Betty Quotes That Would Make Incredible Instagram Captions

Back when Ugly Betty was on TV, it was one of the most beloved shows—and to this day, it remains one of our absolute favorites!

From Betty to Marc, Amanda, Daniel, Justin, Wilhelmina, Hilda and Ignacio, the cast was full of some truly incredible characters. Feel like showing off your love for the series? Continue below to get a look at 18 iconic Ugly Betty quotes that would make incredible Instagram captions.

For when your S.O. has an adorable dimple:

"Is that a dimple? I could totally set up tent in that dimple."


(Ugly Betty via ABC)


For when you're experiencing a weirder-than-usual day:

"I don't know how else this day could get any weirder!"



For when you're wearing a face mask:

"Even if I wanted to express sympathy, I physically can't."



For when you and your besties are laughing your heads off:

"I peed a little."



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For when you're deadlifting:

"These are thighs of steel!"


(Ugly Betty via ABC)


For when you're hugging your favorite person in the world:

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a really good person?"



For when you're diving into a burrito:

"I smell a burrito."



For when you're sitting at the kids' table:

"I like to sit in the tiny baby furniture and pretend I'm a giant."



For when you're hitting all of your goals:

"Reach for the stars and unicorns and lollipops and sunflowers!"


(Ugly Betty via ABC)


For when you're finally getting your braces off:

"Bye bye braces!"



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For when you're showing off your aromatherapy collection:

"Wake up and smell the aromatherapy."



For when you fell asleep with your makeup on:

"Friends do not let friends wear glitter before noon!"



For when you're in a long-distance relationship:

"Miss you much!'


(Ugly Betty via ABC)


For showing up for the first day at your new job:

"You are an attractive, intelligent, confident, businesswoman."



For when you Photoshop yourself into a tropical vacation:

"My Photoshop life is so much better than my real one."



For when you're wearing an amazing outfit:

"The key is to come at your target using all six senses: sound, smell, taste, touch, sight and style."



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For when you and your besties are being silly:

"That was hi…wait for it… larious."


(Ugly Betty via ABC)


For when you get a horrible tan line:

"Why does God hate me? I'm a good person."



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