Best Instagram Captions for When You're at ULTA

One of the worst things a makeup-lover can do is walk into an ULTA to just "look around."

Why? Because you will always end up with a shopping basket full of products! That's happened to us more times than we can count, but honestly, we're not mad about it. There's just something about being in an ULTA that puts a smile on our faces. So, if you have a cute photo in ULTA or want to show off the new beauty products you got your hands on, use one of these Instagram captions.

For when you're having a bad day so you go to ULTA:

"There's nothing a stop at ULTA can't fix."

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For when you're always happy at ULTA:

"ULTA is my happy place."


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For when you have tons of ULTA gift cards from your birthday:

"Buy me flowers and ULTA gift cards."


For when you seemingly bought the entire store:

"When you walk into ULTA with the intention of buying one thing but somehow end up with a full shopping basket…"


For when you have high hopes:

"One day I'll be rich enough to buy whatever I want at ULTA."

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For when you can't stop smiling:

"ULTA never fails to put a smile on my face."


For when you prefer ULTA over everything else:

"If you don't shop at ULTA, I don't trust you."


For when you never say no to a trip to ULTA:

"I'm always down for a trip to ULTA."


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For when ULTA is your favorite place in the world:

"ULTA has my heart."

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