This Stunning Waterproof Speaker Will Change Your Next Party

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a really pretty waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so we were thrilled to test it out when we were sent one for review.

First Impressions

On first glance, you can see that the creators of the Wonderboom put a lot of care and attention into the design and overall aesthetic. The power and Bluetooth buttons on the top are minimalistic (barely noticeable, really), and the big "plus" and "minus" buttons on the face of the speaker (which control the volume) blend in seamlessly. We didn't even realize they were buttons until we started playing around with the speaker.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakers all the colors

(via Ultimate Ears)


Design and Colors

From the shape to the color combinations, each version of the Wonderboom looks really good. There's a style for pretty much any music-lover. We tested the lilac speaker featuring sky blue volume buttons and hang loop, which, in our opinion, just may be the cutest of the bunch—though we do also have our eyes on the pink speaker with white buttons. Even the included micro-USB cable is sleek and colorful in a vibrant shade of yellow.

UItimate Ears Wonderboom speaker on woman's head

(via Ultimate Ears)


Connectivity and Sound Quality

Of course, you don't buy a speaker for just its appearance. We found it extremely easy to sync the Wonderboom with Bluetooth devices. Simply hold down the power button until it makes a "whoosh" sound and connect it with the Bluetooth preferences on your device and it's ready to go.

Side note—the Wonderboom has some really nice built-in sounds to let you know when it's ready to pair with a device and when it's connected or disconnected.

Once connected, the sound quality is great. This speaker can get really loud, making it an effective option for noisy parties or outdoor use, and the sound is rich and full. It also does its job as a 360° speaker, projecting music in every direction.

Our only complaint is that, at lower volumes, it can feel as though the bass is overpowering the sound. The Wonderboom lacks an equalizer, so you can't turn down the bass. Then again, it's not really meant for quiet listening.

The speaker's Bluetooth range is also impressive. You can wander around a decently sized apartment with your phone without the device disconnecting. Expect it to take at least a couple of hours to charge fully, but once you do, its strong battery life should outlast even the liveliest of parties.



We're also loving the fact that it's waterproof—as long as you make sure to keep the USB port snugly closed when it's not in use. We haven't taken it into the ocean or dipped it in the pool, but it's nice to place a speaker on the edge of the bath tub and not have to worry about it becoming instant garbage if it falls in.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker under water

(via Ultimate Ears)

Waterproofing also makes it perfect for outdoor events. If it somehow gets coated in mud or splashed with spaghetti sauce, just rinse it off in the sink without worry. It's also weighty and the construction feels super solid, giving the impression it'll likely survive any party-related falls.


Final Thoughts

Overall, we're loving this speaker. $99.99 might be more than you're looking to spend on a speaker, but the Wonderboom's unique functionality and stunning design are worth the price. If you're looking for something to quietly play music around the house, this may not be the speaker for you. But if you love adding music to your big gatherings and/or the great outdoors, we think you'll fall in love with it, too. This may be the perfect addition to your holiday wish list.


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