The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts Under $40 for EVERYONE on Your Shopping List ?

The holidays are practically here, and the LAST thing you want to do is buy all of your friends totally predictable gifts, or even worse, buy every one of them the same thing ?. That's why we've whipped up this handy guide to buying gifts for every kind of friend. Best of all, everything on this list is under $40! You're welcome.


For the foodie

The gift: Animal egg molds

Why they'll love it: If you can't tell from the picture, those are HARDBOILED EGGS in little bear and bunny shapes! How can you go back to egg-shaped eggs after this?

How much? $7.59 per mold



For the cat lady

The gift:  Cat socks!

Why they'll love it: These socks are so cute we'd frame them… but instead, we'll just wear them on our feet.

How much? $6.90 per pair


For the celeb-obsessed

The gift: "Color Me Swooooon" coloring books

Why they'll love it:  We've waited our whole lives for a coloring book featuring One Direction! This one also features  Zac Efron, Nicholas Hoult, Justin Timberlake and Josh Hutcherson and we couldn't want anything more.

How much? $10 each



For the dreamer

The gift: Uni the unicorn night light

Why they'll love it: If you're afraid of the dark, this little guy will keep you safe, and make you dream sweet dreams about castles, friendly dragons and (OBVI) unicorns.

How much? $15.09



For the bookworm

The gift: Bookshelf clock

Why they'll love it: Because every avid reader needs a handy clock to let them know exactly how many hours they've been reading past midnight. Plus, it fits perfectly on your bookshelf between all of your fave reads!

How much? $23


For the accessory queen

The gift: Digital burrito pouch

Why they'll love it: This pouch for all your digital accessories is SO realistic that people will think you're actually carrying around a huge burrito like a clutch. Just don't let them take a bite!

How much? $18


For the round-the-clock texter

The gift: Emoji rings

Why they'll love it: Real life needs more emojis, and these adorbs rings will let you show off your most-used emoji to people you've never even texted.

How much? $37.69



For the makeup guru

The gift: Mia Case

Why they'll love it: This phone case with a hidden compartment for makeup will make it even easier to take the perfect selfie EVERY time.

How much? $39.99 (We know we're using "under $40" a little loosely!)



For the sci-fi fangirl

The gift: Princess Leia beanie

Why they'll love it: This beanie will instantly transform you into everyone's favorite space princess. Plus it's so warm and cozy!

How much? $29.99



For the gamer

The gift: Game controller soaps

Why they'll love it: These video game controller-shaped soaps are so accurate we kind of don't believe they're really soap. Just make sure you don't accidentally buy an Xbox controller for the PlayStation enthusiast in your life!

How much? $22.59



For the citizen of the internet

The gift: Grumpy Cat plush

Why they'll love it: Ironically, this hyper-realistic stuffed Grumpy Cat could make literally anyone instantly un-grumpy.

How much? $12.99



For the music lover

The gift: WristBoom Speaker

Why they'll love it: What if your watch played music instead of telling the time?!? It'd be a WristBoom.

How much? $39.99 (Again, this one's ALMOST $40, but it's so worth it!)


For the saver

The gift: Kitty coin bank

Why they'll love it: We could watch this video over and over and over all day, so we can't even imagine what it would be like to have it in our ACTUAL HOUSE.

How much? $11.19



For the science geek

The gift: Stuffed blobfish

Why they'll love it: Some people consider the blobfish to be the ugliest animal on earth, but this one is so cuddly no one could resist him!

How much? $30.19



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