Unconventional Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

The last day of school deserves to be remembered.

You've made it through the year and you have the whole summer in front of you—it's time to party!

If you're looking for fun ideas to mark the end of an era, keep scrolling for unconventional ways to celebrate the last day of school.

Plan a Special Lunch

Whether you're on your first day or your last day, lunch is always the best part of school. To commemorate your final midday meal of the school year, plan something extra special. Whether it's putting together your favorite dish or breaking all the rules and just eating dessert, a special lunch can add just a little extra dose of fun to your day.

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Have a Bonfire

Ah, we love a good bonfire. It's the perfect way to mark such a momentous occasion. It gives you a chance to get all your friends together, and it's actually quite the romantic setting. Looking for an in with your crush before the summer separates you? A bonfire might just do the trick.


Wear Something Wacky

All year long you've had to arrive to school totally put-together. Well, you've had to at least wear clothes that most people would deem acceptable. On your last day of the year, throw all the rules of fashion out the window and wear something totally wacky. A onesie, a tutu, an oversized hat—the sky's the limit when it comes your crazy outfit. It's a subtle change, but it can totally make the day just a little more exciting.

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Create an At-Home Waterpark

Summer is all about fun in the sun, so why not get a jump on your water-based activities? While you might not make it to the waterpark on your last day of school, you can certainly create your own. Gather water guns, create a slip-n-slide, use your garden hose and recruit all your friends. A few simple ingredients and you can have a backyard party that's all about ringing in those summer vibes.


Plan a Vacation

What could be a better way to officially bid adieu to the school year than planning a super fun summer vacation? Of course, you might need your parents' help for this celebration. Even if it's just a simple day trip out of town, try and convince your parents to plan a summer activity you can look forward. You can get school off your mind and switch your focus to having the best summer ever.

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Buy Something Summery

We're always in the mood for some retail therapy. If you want to ring in the summer by spending a little cash, head to the store and buy something you'll use all season long. A cute pair of shorts, a pool float, a water gun—just get something that truly feels like summer. You'll be surprised at how excited you'll feel once you get something brand new that's totally fit for the season.


Start a Tradition

Traditions are such a fun way to create some consistency in your life. If you don't want to worry about how you're going to celebrate the last day of school in the years to come, start an easy tradition this year that effectively marks the start of your summer vacation. From binge-watching your favorite movies all by yourself to inviting your pals over for a pizza-making night, your tradition can be anything you want. A fun tradition gives you something  to look forward to, not just this year, but for all the years ahead, as well.


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