Unconventional TV Moms We Can't Get Enough of

Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means we've got moms on the brain.

We're obviously obsessed with our own real-life mommas, but our mom love applies to our fictional life as well. And while there are so many lovable depictions of moms on the small screen, a few really stand out to us. The thing is, they might not look like the moms you're used to.

Keep scrolling for unconventional TV moms we can't get enough of.

Steve Harrington – Stranger Things 

We've already given an in-depth explanation as to why Steve Harrington is the best mom on TV, so he obviously deserves a spot on our list. While the rest of the parents in Hawkins are doing heaven knows what, Steve fights for the health and safety of his adopted children. Whether it's battling off Demodogs or standing up to the school bully, you can always count on Steve to protect, support and encourage his young. Just like any good mom would.

Steve Harrington Saying No

(Stranger Things via Netflix)


Zelda – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Although her parents die when she's very young, Sabrina Spellman doesn't grow up without a mother figure in her life. In fact, she has two. Her two aunts quickly step in, raising her to be the kind, warm-hearted and highly stubborn witch she is today. Zelda acts as the true disciplinarian in this arrangement. She's harsh and just a little bit cold, but she's always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her niece is cared for. She even goes back on many of her own beliefs, simply because they put Sabrina in danger. Her love for her family is obvious, making her a mother figure we'd be happy to emulate.

Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

(Chilling Adventures of Sabrina via Netflix)


Hilda – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

While Zelda is the harsh, menacing mother figure, Hilda brings a dose of sweet compassion to every interaction. She makes sure her family is emotionally cared for, and generally cleans up everyone's messes, both literally and figuratively. Sure, she has her dark side as well, but she only ever uses it to protect the people she cares for most. She's the kind of pseudo-momma who would let you cry in her arms, and probably bake you a cake to ensure you feel better. Who doesn't want a mother figure like that?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Aunt Hilda

(Chilling Adventures of Sabrina via Netflix)


Monica – Friends 

We all have the mom friend in our group. Thankfully, we can find that depiction onscreen, as well. Monica is most definitely the mom of the crazy crew on friends. While everyone gets into trouble and generally makes bad decisions, Monica obsesses over the well-being of her group. Her organization is on-point, and she stereotypically loves a clean house—probably a little too clean. While we know not all moms are like that, she definitely captures at least a few traits that can be found within our own mothers. Just like we'd be worse off without our mom friend, the Friends crew would be significantly worse for the wear without Monica.

Friends: Monica making an annoyed face

(Friends via NBC)


Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation 

Even though she eventually has her own children, we really like to think of Leslie Knope as the mother of her office, and probably of all of Pawnee. She's overly ambitious and just a little (a lot) embarrassing—a trait many good moms share. More than that, her only concern revolves around the well-being of the people she cares about. She might come on a little strong with her love, but no one would ever doubt her affection. Plus, she uses her peppy personality and her inability to take no for an answer to motivate everyone around her into action. She strives to make people the best they can be, which is what our moms do for us every day.


(Parks and Recreation via NBC)


Paula – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

Considering Rebecca literally calls her "Momma Paula," we have to add this opinionated character from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to our list. Sure, she has her own children, and that's all well and good. But in reality, she spends most of her time mothering her out-of-the-box BFF, Rebecca. At first, Paula has a tendency to give into all of Rebecca's ideas. After a while, however, she becomes the only voice of reason on the show. Not only that, she also works herself to the bone to ensure everyone around her is taken care of. We're not saying that's right, but it certainly reminds us of our own mom's commitment to our well-being.


(Crazy Ex-Girlfriend via The CW)


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