Unconventional Ways to Bond With Mom on Mother's Day

's-day">Mother's Day is all about spending some quality time with the most important woman in your life.

This year, the annual holiday falls on Sun., May 12, and while there's certainly nothing wrong with taking your mom out to brunch, getting your nails done together, or simply showing your appreciation via a heartfelt card and some flowers, there's also no harm in switching things up this year and trying something a bit different.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of unconventional ways to bond with your mom this Mother's Day. Scroll down and check 'em out.

Volunteer in Your Local Community

If you're looking for an interesting way to bond with your mom, pick a cause that's close to one or both of your hearts, and volunteer in your local community. Whether you're playing with animals at your neighborhood ASPCA or helping out at the nearest Boys and Girls Club, giving back not only helps you feel great about enriching someone else's life, but it also allows you to connect with one another and share an experience in a way that you likely haven't before.

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Do Goat Yoga

Sure, going to a regular old yoga class is fun, but why not change things up a bit by taking your mom to a goat yoga class instead? The animal-centered sessions are becoming more and more popular all across the country, but all you need to take part in a class is a basic understanding of yoga and a fondness for goats. Basically, the farm animals are allowed to roam as they please over the course of the class, which means they might even hop on your back while you're perfecting your downward dog.


Learn a New Skill Together

You and your mom likely have your own skill sets (and may even share several skills with one another), but if you're looking for a great bonding experience, sign up to take a class involving something the two of you know very little about, such as jewelry-making or learning a new language. That way, the playing field is level from the start, and you both walk away knowing a new skill that you can choose to develop further, or not. Even if you don't end up enjoying the class, you've both broadened your horizons and created a new experience together.

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Play a Game

We're willing to bet you played board games such as Candyland or Life with your mom all the time when you were a little kid, but who's to say the game-related fun has to stop just because you're a bit older now? If you're looking for something low-key but fun to do this Mother's Day, dust off the old Monopoly and Scrabble boards and get playing. Just remember to keep whatever competitive streak you might have in check—it is mom's holiday after all!


Go Through Old Photos

Looking through old photos is a great, organic way to learn some things about your mom that you may not have previously known. Chances are, going over the old snapshots will bring back fond memories for each of you, and it's a way for your mom, especially, to open up to you in a way that she likely hasn't before. What was going through her mind when you took your first steps? What does she remember from your first day of school? It's also a great way for you to see your own life from a slightly different perspective, and to hopefully reaffirm just how much your mom loves and cares for you. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, why not take this activity one step further and create a photo album or scrapbook? Regardless of where you end up in your life, this would be a great keepsake to take with you as you grow and begin to put down some roots of your own.

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