Ariana Grande and Bella Thorne Lend Voices To "Underdogs"!

Ariana Grande and Bella Thorne are both set to do voiceover work for the upcoming animated movie Underdogs!underdogs foosball bella thorne ariana grande

Underdogs, originally called Metegol in Argentina, is a Spanish-Argentine film that released in July 2013. The film is getting a major reworking for it's U.S. release on April 10, 2015, including changes in the script and a few big names in the cast!

Underdogs tells the story of a foosball player named Jake. When his soccer-playing rival, Ace, returns to his hometown, their old grudge resurfaces. It's up to Jake not only to save his hometown, but to win back his best friend and love interest, Laura, from Ace's clutches!

Lucky for Jake, he doesn't have to act alone. The figures on his foosball table magically come to life, assisting him every step of the way!

Bella Thorne will voice a younger version of Laura, who is also played by Katie Holmes and Ariana Grande in the film. It will also feature Matthew Morrison as Jake and Nicholas Hoult as ace!

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