Marvel Fans Should Know Every One of These Underrated Female Superheroes

The list of awesome female superheroes from the Marvel universe stretches way beyond Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Gamora.

If your knowledge of Marvel superheroines is limited to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you're totally missing out. Here's a list of some of Marvel's most underrated female fighters you should definitely know.

Neena Thurman, aka Domino

Domino is a mutant with a really cool superpower. Without even being aware of it, she can use telekinesis to affect the probabilities of whatever occurs around her. This makes her very lucky. Even though she can't choose to control this power, it comes in handy often.

Marvel superhero Neena Thurman aka Domino

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Zarda, aka Power Princess

Zarda comes from a group of advanced humans called Utopians who can lift 20 tons and is basically bulletproof. She's a founding member of a superhero group called the Squadron Supreme, who later joins forces with The Avengers to defeat the Brain-Child (a baddie who was given super intelligence by Magneto).

Marvel superhero Zara aka Power Princess

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Bella Donna Boudreaux, aka Belladonna

Belladonna's father was the leader of an assassin's guild. Through her connections in New Orleans, she meets and later marries Remy LeBeau— better known as Gambit—but shortly after their marriage, he's kicked out of the guild and the city. Belladonna resents Remy for not sticking by her side, and over time she discovers she had mutant plasma powers of her own.

Marvel superhero Bella Donna Boudreaux aka Belladonna

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Silver Sablinova, aka Silver Sable

Silver's father was the creator of the Wild Pack, a team of pro soldiers trained to take out evildoers. From the time she's a little girl, she trains in all kinds of hand-to-hand combat, as well as weapon use, for the time she'll come to lead the Wild Pack. Eventually, the Wild Pack turns to mercenary work, working alongside fellow heroes including Spider-Man.

Silver Sablinova, aka Silver Sable

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Nicholette Gold, aka Nikki

Nikki comes from a genetically engineered group of humans designed to be able to survive the severe temperature changes and atmosphere of the Mercury. She's the last living person from her colony on Mercury and finds herself deserted on a ship in space before she's discovered by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Out of boredom more than anything else, she decides to join the Guardians for a change of pace.

Marvel superhero Nicholette Gold aka Nikki

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Agent Abigail Brand

Abigail's parents were a furry blue alien and a woman from Earth. She can generate massive amounts of heat from her hands and heals very quickly. As a kid, she decides to join the Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department, or SWORD, which deals with alien threats. She's so skilled there that she becomes the director of SWORD by 28.

Marvel superhero Agent Abigail Brand

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Melina Vostokoff, aka Iron Maiden

Melina Vostokoff is trained as a Russian government agent from the time she's little, utilizing a metal costume to attain super strength. She always resents Black Widow, who overshadows her abilities. After she leaves her work for Russia, she joins a group of assassins who try to take down Black Widow. She would have succeeded if it weren't for the interference of S.H.I.E.L.D. Later, she becomes a key member of the supervillain group Femizons who make it their goal to create a nation occupied only by women.

Marvel superhero Melina Vostokoff aka Iron Maiden

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Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green may just be a teenager, but having the comparable strength of a squirrel—plus the ability to communicate with them—makes her a force to be reckoned with. She's a spunky computer science whiz, and her besties are squirrels named Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe. She also happens to be strong enough to beat up the whole Marvel universe.

Marvel superhero Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl

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Aiko Miyazaki, aka Honey Lemon

You may know Honey Lemon as the chemistry genius from Disney'Big Hero 6 movie, but before the animated film, Aiko Miyazaki was Honey Lemon in the comic series of the same name. Aiko is the inventor of the Power Purse, which contains a portal to another dimension where she can conjure up all kinds of useful items. She's also extremely smart, and thwarts bad guys by pretending she's not.

Marvel superhero Aiko Miyazaki aka Honey Lemon

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Ava Ayala, aka White Tiger

Ava Ayala and her niece Angela del Toro both act as a superheroine called the White Tiger, obtaining their powers from the White Tiger Amulet. She joins forces with Luke Cage to form the Mighty Avengers, and later the New Avengers, using her incredible fighting skills to take down the Maker's evil New Revengers.

Marvel superhero Ava Ayala aka White Tiger

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Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat

Felicia Hardy always looked up to her dad, and when he goes to prison for burglary, she decides to follow in his footsteps and become a master burglar herself. Eventually, this leads to run-ins with Spider-Man, and she falls in love with him and decides to give up a life of crime. But that doesn't stop her from using her skills to do dangerous detective work.

Marvel superhero Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat

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Maya Lopez, aka Echo

Maya Lopez was raised by the evil Kingpin, her father's partner in crime. In her childhood, she's thought to have an intellectual disability, but after demonstrating the ability to perfectly play a song on the piano by ear, she is sent to a school for prodigies and eventually becomes an athlete of considerable skill. Kingpin convinces Maya that Daredevil killed her father, and sets out to defeat him before realizing the truth and joining the good guys.

Marvel superhero Maya Lopez aka Echo

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