6 Things You Need to Understand About Your Aries Crush

Aries are known for their passion, confidence and enthusiasm.

If you're crushing on a member of this bold zodiac sign, it can be easy to focus on their impulsive and aggressive energy, but they're so much more than that.

Before you pursue your Aries crush, you need to make sense of who they are at their core. Thankfully, we're here to help. Keep scrolling for six things you need to understand about your Aries crush.

1. They're Deeply Competitive

It should come as no surprise—Aries is the most competitive of all the zodiac signs. They want to be first at everything. Whether it's school, sports, extracurriculars or social settings, you'll find that Aries is constantly trying to prove that they're better than everyone else. While that might seem annoying in certain situations, it's all part of their desire to meet their full potential. It's not really anything personal, it's simply in their nature to pursue the best possible version of themselves, sometimes at the expense of other people.

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2. They Can Be Reckless

While impulsiveness isn't the only defining characteristic of an Aries, it's definitely part of who they are. Their passionate nature means that they don't often think through all the consequences of their actions. Instead, they rush into their decisions, often acting first and thinking later. This also applies to their love life, which means you have to give it a little time before you can rely on their feelings. They'll dive headfirst into a relationship, only to realize that they aren't that into the person after a few weeks. Take everything an Aries says and does with a grain of salt, and wait to see how things pan out before you let their impulsiveness infect you, as well.


3. They Excel at Communication

Although Aries are often on the move and caught up in their own desires, they're actually excellent at communication. They're able to be direct and honest with their feelings, which ultimately breeds a sense of openness in all their relationships. However, they expect their friends to be truthful and present, and they won't be afraid to cut you off if they feel you can't provide the support they need.


4. They Enjoy Challenges

While Aries are competitive at their core, they don't like winning just for the title. It's the process of being challenged and subsequently fighting for something that truly sparks their interest. This isn't a sign who will easily bend to another authority, as they'll always feel compelled to put in their two cents. They need to be convinced of another point of view, which can make them a little difficult and stubborn. However, they have a special respect for those who challenge them, as it feeds into their confident and determined nature.


5. They're Independent

Aries is an incredibly independent sign, but not in the way you might think. While they do enjoy time on their own, they primarily crave a sense of independence in their commitments and responsibilities. They don't want or need anyone's help—they prefer to do things on their own and make sure everything is finished correctly. They can be a shoulder to lean on, but only if they believe that you're able to take care of yourself without them. If they think you need their support to succeed, they'll feel frustrated and stifled, which means they won't be sticking around for very long .

6. They're Not Patient

Aries is a fire sign. Put more simply, they are not a patient people. They don't like to wait on others, they won't stand for being taken advantage of and they won't have any problem making their feelings known, no matter the situation. Aries wants everything on their time, and they struggle to compromise and let go of their own desires to meet someone else's. Although they tend to get frustrated easily, they'll likely cool down just as quickly—just do your best to work with their impatient nature.


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