7 Things You NEED to Understand About Your Capricorn Crush

Have you found yourself in the unfortunate position of crushin' on a Capricorn?

We say unfortunate because it's a sad, but true, fact that Capricorns are far from the easiest zodiac sign to get along with. They're quite unmoving in their beliefs and fairly critical of the people around them, which can make it difficult to truly connect with this practical and disciplined zodiac sign.

However, Capricorns are also bursting with positive qualities. They just need someone willing to put in the work to see past their sometimes-harsh exterior.

If you really want to make things work with your Cap crush, keep scrolling for seven things you need to understand about this responsible zodiac sign.

1. Tradition Is Their Comfort Zone

Capricorns are known for their conventional habits. They're not a sign who likes to step too far out of the box, and they're definitely not known for having an adventurous personality. Tradition and routine is their comfort zone, and they're quite happy with that. In fact, they tend to get nervous and worried when someone is too eccentric or severely misaligned with their own values, causing them to lash out and embrace their habitual nature more aggressively. Even though they don't mean to be hostile in their support of their own fixed nature, it's important to understand that they're not a sign who can be lulled from their comfort zone. Any effort to do so will likely just push them further and further away.


2. They Struggle to Forgive

As an Earth sign, Capricorns are fairly stubborn and stiff to begin with. On top of that unbending nature, however, Capricorns are also ruled by Saturn, meaning forgiveness isn't something that comes easily to them at all. They have a tendency to focus on the past and they struggle to let things go, meaning that a single mistake can often be enough to lose their affection forever. This isn't always the case, of course, but it does mean that you must be very careful how you act around you Capricorn crush, as they're unlikely to ever develop feelings for you if you've already done something to hurt or annoy them.


3. They're All About Action

While we all know the phrase "actions speak louder than words," there's no denying that some of us still need a lot of verbal affirmation regarding a person's affection towards us. Capricorns, however, are not such people. They're all about action. In fact, it can often take a very long time (as in, years) before Capricorns are ready to verbally discuss any of their emotions. They won't be skilled at telling you how they feel, and they'll often shy away from any declarations of adoration on your part. They'll show their sensitivity and care through actions, and they expect the same in return. So when it comes to your Cap crush, try to think of what you can do for them, rather than obsessively worrying about what you should say.


4. Compromise Isn't One of Their Skills

While Capricorns are reliable and supportive partners, compromise is definitely not on their list of well-honed skills. As mentioned above, they are an Earth sign, meaning they're quite grounded in their beliefs and very unwilling to change their opinions for anyone or anything. Since most of their energy is spent focused on their personal goals, they can also lack the compassion and sympathy needed to come to a truly successful compromise. Oftentimes in conflict, Capricorns adopt a "my way or the highway" approach. They encourage you to follow your dreams and do anything to help you get there, but not at the expense of their own desires and beliefs.


5. They're Incredibly Loyal

There's no doubt that Capricorn-born know how to draw boundaries within their relationships. They know the importance of accomplishing their personal goals, and they're not afraid to draw lines if they feel as though a relationship interferes with their aspirations. However, that doesn't mean Capricorns are willing to walk away from a relationship at the slightest hint of conflict. In fact, they're a deeply loyal zodiac sign—in  both friendships and relationships—and they're not opposed to sticking around, even if things aren't 100% perfect. They'll be realistic about what they need and how the relationship might have to change, but you can always rest assured that their faithfulness and dependability will be a constant.

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6. They Fear Failure

On the surface, Capricorn-born can seem harsh, critical and overly rational. And while it's true all those qualities are present in a Capricorn, they often stem from a deep-seated fear of failure. They understand consequences better than any other zodiac sign, so their efforts to control themselves and everyone around them are all in the service of avoiding negative repercussions. They may go too far at times in their worries about messing up, but their hearts are committed to protecting themselves and other people, which makes their strict and serious nature a little more forgivable.


7. They're Actually Quite Sensitive

Capricorn-born are one of the oddest combinations of sensitivity and strength in all the zodiac. They have a deeply independent nature, so they're not at all afraid of being alone, and they can handle most tasks themselves. However, they're also sensitive under the surface, afraid of emotion and especially afraid of being hurt. It's important to remember their sensitive side, as focusing too much on their strength will result in a lot of anger and hurt feelings on their part. Even though they'll claim they can do everything alone, they definitely need help and affection and will probably welcome it if offered.



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