The Most Underused Emojis You Should Be Texting ASAP

Nothing has expanded our texting communication quite like the emoji.

Beyond creating a visual representation for all your most complicated feelings, emojis also give you a chance to add your own flair to every text message. But we've noticed a problem: Some of the very best emojis out there are being overlooked and underused.

If you want to enter the next emoji level and add some spice to your text messages, keep scrolling for the most underused emojis you should be texting ASAP.

1. Jazz Hands Emoji ????

Jazz Hands emoji doesn't get nearly enough attention or affection. The best thing about this little guy is that he has so much versatility. He can be used ironically accompanying a snarky "good for you" text to your friend, or he can be used to punctuate a message telling your friends about a big accomplishment without seeming too prideful. Jazz Hands are applicable in any scenario, so it'll be easy to add this guy to your "Frequently Used" list.

Blair and Serena Texting Gossip Girl

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


2. The Frog ????

Unlike the other animal emojis, something about The Frog just looks so smug and entitled. It's like he's judging all your choices, but he's just going to sit back and watch you ruin your life. We're sure you can find at least a few situations where that'applicable.


3. Dark Moon ????

Dark Moon is one of our favorite emojis. He's smiling, but he's doing it in a way where you can tell he's not really happy for you. Much like The Frog, he looks like he's low-key judging your mistakes, and we're all about it.


4. Hot Pepper ????

Somehow The Peach gets all the love in the food category, but we're pretty attached to the Hot Pepper. It just looks so cute and small, and it's the perfect way to tell your friends they look fire, without resorting to the over overused Flame emoji.

Girl Texting With her Phone in the dark

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5. Baby Bottle ????

You know when someone is being a little too whiny about something really unimportant, and you want to tell them to stop, but you want to do it in a lighthearted way? Enter, the baby bottle emoji. It's a perfect way to communicate to your friends that you're pretty over their pointless drama, but that you still love them—which is obvious because you used an emoji.


6. Video Game Monster ????

Despite the fact that this emoji is dubbed a "monster" by Apple, he just looks like a little cutie. He seems like he has no idea what's going on or where he is, but he's just along for the ride. Considering that's how we feel most of our lives, it's no surprise that we love the Video Game Monster so much.


7. Rocket ????

Why use a car when you can use a rocket? This emoji still gets the point across to your friends that you're ready to go somewhere, but it looks way cooler and it will definitely be more unique than the typical Car emoji.

Girl with curly hair texting outside

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8. Flying Money ????

There is literally no better way to communicate the fact that you're completely broke than the Flying Money emoji. It doesn't matter if you bought a pair of shoes you couldn't afford or if you spent your entire monthly income on food—your money flew away and now you're poor, so no, you can't go shopping this weekend.


9. Hole ????

We honestly don't know how anyone came up with the idea for the Hole emoji, but we love it. Pair it with any human emoji and it's the perfect way of saying that you just can't deal with anything that's going on. You're just going to hide in your hole until things blow over.


10. No Entry ⛔️

Whether your friend is talking about a boy who you really can't stand or your S.O. is asking about your prior romantic relationships, No Entry is the perfect emoji to shut down conversations you don't want to have. You don't even have to say anything—just send this emoji along when the moment is right and your friends are sure to get the picture.

Girl walking with phone

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11. Cyclone ????

The Cyclone emoji adds some fun color to your text messages, and it's the perfect way to communicate that you're not quite feeling like yourself. We like to use it when our mind is feeling a little bit foggy or we find that we're daydreaming a little more than usual. What better way to show some turbulent thoughts than by using a cyclone?


12. Cool ????

We're not quite sure how one little emoji can contain so much sass, but something about Cool just shuts down everything anyone could say. Use it when you're annoyed with someone for bailing on you or when your pal gets a little too sassy for your taste. Because what better way to show someone you're irritated than by simply responding "cool."


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