6 Surprising Ways to Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen seems pretty straightforward—you put it on your face and bod to avoid getting burned.

If you're anything like us, sunscreen can be a chore in the mornings (and sometimes even forgotten), but what if you could incorporate SPF into your routine a bit more seamlessly? Here are six surprising ways to use sunscreen.

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Use It As a moisturizer

If you find yourself without your favorite body moisturizer or hand cream, sunscreen can come to the rescue. Brands, including C'est Moi ($14.99), are full of super hydrating ingredients like aloe and shea butter, which will soothe your dry skin in a pinch. Plus, a little extra sunscreen all over your body is never a bad thing! You can also get one for your face that's meant to moisturize and protect from the sun so you hit two birds with one stone.

C'Est Moi Sunscreen

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Combine It With makeup

If you're someone who always tends to forget SPF, choose a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream that has sunscreen already in it so you don't have to worry. Laura Mercier ($45) makes one of our absolute favorites.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

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Use It as a Primer

Believe it or not, sunscreen can make an excellent primer before applying makeup—it's all about choosing the right product. Unseen by  Supergoop ($32) glides on your face like velvet and makes the perfect base to grip onto makeup. Meadowfoam keeps your skin hydrated while controlling excess oil, so you won't look like a greasy mess.

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Use It as Shaving Lotion

Ran out of shaving cream? Your SPF has got you! Because lots of sunscreens tend to have wonderful hydrating properties like this ultra-hydrating one from Avène ($28), they double nicely as lotion and shaving lotion. We wouldn't suggest this for longterm use, but it will definitely hold you over until your next CVS trip.

Avene Sunscreen

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To Fight Hair Frizz and Tame Flyaways

This is probably the most surprising tip of them all: If you find yourself with major frizz or flyaways, sunscreen can come to the rescue! A few dabs of the Shiseido clear stick sunscreen ($28)  on your pesky flyaways will keep them at bay. If you don't have a sports stick on hand, dab a very small amount of liquid SPF into your hands and apply to your strands that way.

Shiseido sports stick spf

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As a Body Oil

This might sound crazy, but we recently discovered a sunscreen oil and we're totally obsessed. Supergoop created Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil ($34), which is uber-hydrating and works just like a regular body oil with no sticky finish.

Supergoop Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil

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Now that you know how to maximize your sunscreen use, hit the pool and nail your photo captions with THESE quotes perfect for all of your poolside Instagram posts!