6 Things It's Unfair to Expect of Your S.O.

Being in a relationship is a lot like the ocean—always changing, yet still made of the same substance.

In order to have a healthy partnership, it's all about compromise, love and being truthful with one another. Of course you'll go through some hardships, but in the end, it's the two of you who have each other to lean on. However, it's important to know your boundaries and to not take advantage of the love they have for you.

Keep reading for the six things it's unfair to expect of your S.O.:

1. They Hang Out With You All the Time

If you expect your S.O. to hang out with you during all of their free time, that's clearly unrealistic. In order to have a happy relationship, you also need to have lives of your own. Let them spend time with their friends, hang out with their family, work out and more. Trust us, they'll still be there at the end of the day, and they'll respect you even more for giving them the space every human needs to grow as a person. Most importantly, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so give them a chance to miss you.

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2. They Ditch the Friends You Don't Like

Let's say you don't get along with one of their friends. Instead of telling your S.O. to ditch that friend, just politely ask if they can hang out when you're not around. As long as you limit your interactions with this friend of theirs, it really shouldn't affect you too much. Put yourself in your S.O.'s shoes—it's not a fair thing to ask of your loved one.


3. They Agree With You on Everything

Would you ever succumb to someone's beliefs simply because they told you to? Of course not—so why would you expect the same of your S.O.? In fact, it's unhealthy to agree on absolutely everything. It's certainly important to inform one another of differing opinions, but instantly expecting your partner to agree with your way of thinking is unreasonable.

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4. They Always Know When You're Upset

Newsflash—your S.O. isn't a mind reader. Just because something might seem super obvious to you, most of the time, they're pretty oblivious as to why you're upset. Instead of playing games with them, be upfront about what you're feeling. This way, you can get through the little bump in the road and move on with your lives.


5. They Should Always Pay the Bill

It's the 21st century, meaning women are in a position to take care of themselves. Regardless of the gender of the person you're dating, it's not fair to assume your partner should have to pay for everything. Even if they insist on buying your meals, clothes, gas and more—don't accept their offer all the time. Treat them every once in a while, too, to show you appreciate and love them, regardless of their wallet.


6. They Have a Five-Year Plan

Prior to contrary belief, none of us know what the heck we're doing. Our tastes change from day to day and our expectations are rapidly altered. If even you don't know where you see yourself in five years (which you absolutely don't have to), you shouldn't expect that of your partner. Go through the days together and live in the moment. Don't punish them for not having a plan for their immediate future. You're only young once!

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