Unfashionable Past Truths You Probably Don't Know About Forever 21

We hate to burst your bubble, but Forever 21 didn't always use to be the trendy store it is today.

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In fact, there was a time when it was nearly embarrassing to be caught walking in.

Whether you remember the store during its early '00s dark ages or you're simply curious as to what it used to be like, scroll below for all of the unfashionable truths that'll make you cringe:

1. The Entire Store Was Color-Coded

While color blocking can be a standout fashion statement, this store was anything but. When you walked in through the doors, you were met with a rainbow of color that started with red on one side and curved into yellows and blues and blacks. Store sections weren't categorized by styles but instead by colors. This method proved tiresome as you don't typically walk into a store knowing exactly what color you want to buy, but rather what style you're looking to try. Color coding may work for nail salons, but not for clothing stores.

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2. Each Article Was Made Out of Jersey Material

We're not talking about the shiny mesh that jerseys are made out of, we're talking about the material called jersey. This fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy, making it a comfortable choice for bed sheets but an unfashionable fabric to drape over your body. You may think we're exaggerating when we say that every article was made from this same cotton blend, but with exception to bottoms, everything was made out of jersey.

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3. Most Items Were Solid Bright Colors

If you were looking for a cute design or graphic tee, F21 was not the place to shop. Most clothing items donned nothing more than an extremely bright color, though it was possible to find classic patterns such as stripes or polka dots.

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4. Good Luck Finding Your Size

Back in the day of color-coded jersey, you would find countless red shirts on a rack that all looked similar yet vaguely different. This made finding your size in the exact style super frustrating because it seemed like they only had one item of each article. 


5. The Store Was Constantly Overstocked

On the topic of unorganized clothing racks, these silver bars were also way overcrowded. The entire store usually looked like it was about to burst from carrying way too many clothing pieces at once. With so many options in the store, it's rather unbelievable how difficult it was to actually find anything you wanted to buy, let alone try on.


6. There Was No Men's Section

This was one of the last places you wanted to drag your brother, boyfriend or close guy friend to because there wasn't even a small section for them to peruse. This store was nothing more than a bright rainbow of headaches and confusion for guys and girls alike. How much simpler are the times now that you and the guy in your life can get your shop on in the same store?

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7. The Accessories Game Was Not Strong

For whatever accessories were trending at the time, you really wanted to head over to Charlotte Russe or Urban Outfitters instead of relying on F21. The array of dangly necklaces that they did sell looked more like a kindergartener's art project than a recognizable piece of fashion. We're talking big chunky beads glued to ribbons in, you guessed it, every color.


8. The Prices Were Almost Too Low

While one of the bonuses of Forever 21 is that most of the clothes fit within our budget, the earlier stores had suspiciously low prices. So much so that you had to wonder what kinds of employee regulations this brand was breaking. We will forever and always enjoy a good sale that marks an item down to nearly nothing, but we prefer to see that at one time the clothing was priced appropriately.


Thankfully these unfashionable days are in the past. But looking ahead, click HERE for an exclusive peek at F21's upcoming fall line.