UNICEF Tap Project Gets Boost From Laura Marano!

Austin & Ally star Laura Marano isn't just a Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF ambassador. She's also getting involved with the UNICEF Tap Project to help bring clean water to kids around the world!UNICEF Tap Project Laura Marano

The UNICEF Tap Project is a branch of UNICEF that works to provide clean drinking water to kids who live in places that don't have readily available safe and clean drinking water. With their new campaign, you can help too!

"The more you're off your phone, the more you can help get clean water to kids in need!" Laura Tweeted earlier this week. "Try @UNICEFUSA's #TapProject"

The project asks kids and teens to go without using their phone to help the cause.

How does it work? For every ten minutes you don't touch your phone, the UNICEF Tap Project's sponsors and donors will donate a day's worth of clean drinking water to a child in need!

768 million people around the world don't have access to safe and clean drinking water, and the UNICEF Tap Project is doing what it can to make a difference!

You can make donations to help even more kids get access to drinking water! Just a dollar can provide clean water for 40 days!

You can get involved, too, by clicking here! Join us at SweetyHigh.com to tell us what you do to make a difference in the world!