I Tried to Order Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino at Coffee Bean—Here's What Happened

Let me preface this by saying it was a slowwww day at the Sweety High HQ on Friday, and by 11 a.m., I was already scrounging for story ideas. Like, if I posted one more Facebook update that day, I was about to lose friends.

That's when I thought, hmm, how can we capitalize on this unicorn Starbucks phenom without putting in much effort? Why don't we see what happens when we casually try to order the overhyped beverage at, let's say… Coffee Bean?

So I gathered my coworkers Brittney and Ashley and took a little gander down the road, after rehearsing our plan over and over again. "Don't laugh!" they insisted. I swore to them I could keep a straight face.

The plan was to act like we thought CBTL was where to find this coveted drink, and once they would tell us it's in fact at Starbucks, we would ask them to come up with their best version.

So I walk in, Brittney and Ashley order their iced teas first and then I casually say to the barista, "Hi, I'd like to order the Unicorn Frappuccino."

girl at coffee shop orders drinks from baristas

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Looking at me with a half grin and half confused stare, she quickly replies, "Starbucks is right down the street."

And nothing against the 'Bucks, but for the sake of the scenario, I mentioned that I "hate" it, adding, "You don't make the Unicorn Frappuccino? I just associate all things cool with Coffee Bean, so I thought you made it."

Starbucks Unicorn Frappe

The barista continues to vehemently insist this is not the place to find them, before I reply, "I really had no idea! I totally thought you made the unicorn drink."

I basically begged her to make the CBTL version of this specialty beverage, to which she replied that they don't have the right colored powder, etc…, and after standing there for at least two full minutes in alleged "disbelief" that this concoction wasn't possible, she noted that she could make a strawberry-banana drink, but that "it isn't a good idea."

At this point, I finally gave up. But not without asking, "has anyone else ever come in here asking for a Unicorn Frap?"

Without hesitation she said, "no," while shaking her head and cracking a smile.

So… What did I gain from this experience? Welp, a nice walk in perfect weather, a venti drip coffee with a touch of almond milk and a salmon, edamame, quinoa snack bowl. I've had worse days.

person orders coffee

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And to answer the question of them all: I still have yet to try this temporarily legendary beverage. Quite frankly, I may never—and that's okay.


I may not try a Unicorn Frap, but Brittney did. HERE's what she had to say about the drink.