Unicorn Hot Chocolate Exists and It's Just as Magical as You'd Expect

I am a hopeless foodie.

I love food so much that on a regular basis, I patrol Instagram's explore page just to drool over pictures of strangers' meals and desserts. Seriously.

Last week, as I was scrolling through my feed, I stumbled across an enchanting new food fad that I knew I had to try: Unicorn hot chocolate.

When I saw that the home of this colorful concoction, Crème and Sugar, was in my neck of the woods, I decided I must go.

Here's what went down.

On Saturday afternoon I hopped in my car and ventured out to Anaheim, California, where the coffee and dessert parlor is located. 

I found the store nestled into a little shopping plaza.Creme and Sugar store front

As soon as I entered the little shop, I could see that everyone visiting had come for the same reason.

It appeared every customer had a slice of their unicorn cake, unicorn hot chocolate or unicorn milkshake at their table. Yep, unicorn hot chocolate isn't the only magical treat Crème and Sugar offers.

I headed up to the counter and ordered one unicorn hot chocolate and one unicorn milkshake off their "secret" menu. I couldn't decide between just one.

I sat down, and a few minutes later the unicorn hot chocolate was delivered in all its glory.

The barista who delivered the cocoa explained that the drink is crafted using white chocolate dyed pink. Its magical appearance is then elevated when they adorn the beverage with a variety of colorful confetti sprinkles, pastel marshmallows and a generous spoonful of whipped cream.

Take a look:

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Although the hot cocoa looked incredible, the real test would be whether or not it tasted great.

After one sip, I concluded this was the best hot chocolate I've ever tried. It was rich, sweet and topped with the fluffiest whipped cream I've ever tasted. This thing could put you in a sugar coma.

Moments later, the unicorn milkshake arrived. I was given the option to either have my shake purple or pink—I opted for purple.

This thing was topped with a lollipop, pearl sprinkles, pastel marshmallows, and—get this—edible glitter.

It was almost too pretty to drink.

Unicorn milkshake

Several Instagram and Snapchat pics later, I took a sip and immediately felt the sugar rush. This vanilla-flavored milkshake was everything I've dreamt of and more.

So, what's the verdict?

If you have a taste for mythical creatures, sweet treats and pure happiness, you have to make it out to Crème and Sugar. There's no way their treats won't put a smile on your face.

Brittney drinking unicorn hot chocolate

And, if you're not near this parlor shop, don't you worry, there's already an overabundance of Insta pics that will have you drooling in spirit. ????


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