You Haven't Seen Magic Until You've Seen ALL 24 of These Enchanting Unicorn Treats ✨

Do you believe in magic?

If you don't, you will after feasting your eyes on 24 of the most majestic (and Instagrammable) unicorn treats below.

Unicorn Cake and Adorable Cupcake Babies


Fairy Unicorn Donut

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Petite Unicorn Macs

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Frosted Unicorn Sugar Cookies


Rainbow-fied Unicorn Meringues


Gourmet Unicorn Apples

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Darling Unicorn Cupcakes

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Majestic Unicorn Cake Pops


Out-of-This-World Unicorn Concoction


Vibrant Unicorn Bark


Delicious Unicorn Milkshake


Unicorn Ice Cream Cones


Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake


Unicorn Pancakes


Magical Unicorn Toast

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Colorful Unicorn Smoothie Bowl


Fluffy Unicorn Marshmallows


Perfect Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Dreamy Unicorn Fudge

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Fruity Unicorn Smoothie


Sweet-as-Can-Be Unicorn Cinnamon Roll


Unicorn Rice Krispies Treats


Unicorn Burger ????

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The Famous Unicorn Hot Chocolate

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If you haven't had the pleasure of trying Unicorn Hot Chocolate for yourself, read about my personal experience trying out the delightful treat HERE.