Unicorn-Inspired Foods (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

If we were a rad, legendary, one-horned creature, it's a no-brainer what we would do all day: eat rainbow-themed everything, of course!

But even if you're not a unicorn (because not everyone can be graced with such an honor), you can still enjoy all these unbelievably delicious treats.

Unicorn cheesecake is now a reality thanks to Delish. This sparkly concoction is actually what dreams are made of. Make it yourself by following the recipe below!


If normal breakfast cereal just isn't doing it for you anymore, look no further. These yummy and colorful waffles will fill you right up in the morning.


Not a big fan of waffles? Try these pancakes. This equally delicious-looking stack of sweet treats is guaranteed to make breakfast way more fun!


Don't worry, we didn't forget about lunch. There's definitely a rainbow grilled cheese recipe in existence and we can't say we're mad about it.


What about these perfect-looking cake pops? Because we love Funfetti anything, including these rainbow sprinkled nibbles was an obvious must.


Okay, we thought we'd seen it all, and then things really got major. This rainbow surprise piñata cake is filled with M&Ms. But not just M&Ms that are mixed into the batter—these candies pour out of the cake unexpectedly. Watch the video (and prepare to salivate) to see what we mean.


Take it a step further and launch your taste buds on a seriously yummy trip across the galaxy. These rainbow galaxy bars are a frenzy of chocolatey goodness and look SO pretty when they're done.


These adorable rainbow cookies are a little challenging to make, but totally worth it in the end. I mean, look at those hearts! Our mouths are absolutely watering.


And last but certainly not least, we can't forget about these fabulous rainbow cupcakes. This recipe puts a fun and colorful twist on a classic dessert. We'll be making a dash to our ovens in no time!


If the above recipes didn't blow your mind, we still THESE eight delicious desserts you need to go make right now.