Find the Most Magical Unicorn-Inspired Treats at These 8 Places

Unicorns are just about everywhere these days, especially when it comes to what we eat.

There are unicorn Frappuccinos, cupcakes, toast, smoothies—practically every type of food has been given a unicorn makeover.

And while unicorn-inspired treats may be everywhere, they can sometimes be hard to find, which is why we took the liberty of rounding up eight places that sell the cutest unicorn-inspired treats around.

Keep scrolling to see them all!

Creme and Sugar

Where: Anaheim Hills, California

What they sell: You name it, they've turned just about every type of food into a delicious unicorn treat. Their claim to fame was their unicorn hot chocolate, but they also sell unicorn milkshakes, floats, bark, ice cream sandwiches and cake. Go ahead, eat (or drink) your heart out!


The Trails Eatery

Where: San Diego, California

What they sell: Just recently, this diner took the unicorn trend to new heights when they created unicorn pancakes. Confetti pancakes topped with Fruity Pebbles, marshmallows, sprinkles and edible glitter, they'll certainly satiate your sweet tooth.


Sweets by Gigi

Where: Lake Forest, California

What they sell: Unicorn cake pops aren't exactly a rarity, but the ones created by this shop are truly the most gorgeous you'll ever see. They're so beautiful, you'll have a hard time scarfing them down. Apart from cake pops, you can also get unicorn-inspired chocolate-covered Oreos.

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Briese Bakes

Where: San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona

What they sell: Everyone deserves a unicorn cake for their birthday, especially this cutie from Briese Bakes. We've yet to find a cake as magical as this one.


Mac Lab

Where: Duluth, Georgia

What they sell: If you're a macaron-lover, this place is for you. Their unicorn macarons are what dreams are made of, especially since they taste just like Fruity Pebbles—delish!

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Loveland Sweets

Where: Loveland, Ohio

What they sell: Specializing in homemade chocolates and ice cream, we're so glad Loveland Sweets decided to make their own version of unicorn ice cream. Complete with rainbow sprinkles and a cone horn, this sweet is exactly what you should be snacking on during summer.


Fancy Sweet Creations

Where: Houston, Texas

What they sell: Even caramel apples got a magical upgrade, thanks to Fancy Sweet Creations. They even sell unicorn cookies and cakes, if apples don't suit your fancy.

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El Bolillo Bakery

Where: Houston, Texas and Pasadena, Texas

What they sell: When you thought you saw it all, El Bolillo Bakery created unicorn concha. If you're not familiar with the treat, it's essentially a sweet bread with a shell-like pattern on top. Try this dessert, if you haven't already, ASAP.


Ever wondered how unicorn milkshakes are made? We did, so of course we visited our friends at Creme and Sugar to discover the magic behind the treat. HERE's what we learned.