The Creator of These Enchanting Unicorn Macarons Gives Us the Scoop on Her Confections

Unicorn food seems to be the latest trend hitting social media, agreed? ????

If you've been keeping tabs on which magical unicorn food is making waves this week alone, you may recognize the below picture:

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These enchanting Fruity Pebble-lined unicorn macarons are the creation of Lan Cheng, co-owner of the Georgia-based bakery Mac Lab.

The moment we laid our eyes on these sweet confections, we knew we needed more details, so we asked Lan herself about how she was inspired to create such a treat, what baking experience she has and what other fun macarons she's brought to life.

See what she revealed below!

Sweety High: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how Mac Lab began?

Lan Chan: Mac Lab is a husband and wife team. My name is Lan and my husband's name is Jack. We went to Culinary Institute of America together. I focused on Baking and Pastry, and my husband focused on Culinary. After graduation I wanted to practice my skills and focused on Macarons. My friends would joke and ask me, "What's happening in the Lab today?" I envisioned a small intimate bakery where girlfriends could catch up, couples would be on their dates and families would gather. So naturally we called it Mac Lab.

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SH: What's your favorite baked good you've made to date?

LC: My favorite changes all the time! Right now I really enjoy character macarons.

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SH: When did you begin baking? Has it always been one of your passions?

LC: I was always interested in anything that lets me be creative. I've loved food since I was young, so I decided to go for baking because it lets me do both. My husband grew up in the food industry. His family had restaurants and are adventurous in creating dishes.

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SH: When did you make your first macaron? Was it a success?

LC: I made my first macaron at school. I was under a lot of pressure because the chef was a little scary. It was not the best I could do.

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SH: How long does it typically take to make each of your creations?

LC: It depends on which macarons. I try to give each creation the time and love that it needs. The Pokémons were actually the most time-consuming because it was my first time venturing out of the normal macarons. The unicorn would typically take me two days to complete one batch.

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SH: Why did you decide to craft a unicorn macaron? 

LC: I dreamt of unicorns one night and decided, "Hey, let's do it for fun!"

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SH: If you could eat one baked goodie for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

LC: Bread. I love bread so much.

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