Meet the Woman Who Created These Mystical Unicorn Horn Makeup Brushes

DJ Victory first caught our attention on Instagram with her insane hair art skills, but now she's dipping her toe into the world of makeup.

Her brand new line, Macy & Mia, currently features six different gorgeous lipstick shades and, most importantly, magical unicorn horn makeup brushes!

Get to know the story behind DJ Victory's makeup line and how she came up with the design for her unique brushes below.

Sweety High: What inspired you to create your makeup line Macy & Mia? What does it mean to you?

DJ Victory: Over the past year, I'd thought about where I wanted to take my career. I've been a hairstylist for 13 years. I've worked really hard to create opportunities for myself, so I decided, why not put my very own name on something extremely tangible? I started out with the idea of just the makeup brushes, because I wanted something that I knew would appeal to my client base. From there it snowballed quickly into the lipsticks. The liquid-to-matte lipsticks are so popular right now, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! Creating this line is a dream come true. As corny and cliché as that sounds, it is. I had an extremely troubling childhood and have had many obstacles to overcome, just like the majority of people. I would've never in a hundred years thought that I would be a business owner, let alone the creator of my very own brand.

Macy & Mia makeup line lipstick shades

(Courtesy of DJ Victory)


SH: How did you decide which lipstick colors to create and even what to name them? Do you have a favorite color?

DV: Choosing my debut colors was very difficult. I had my friends wearing all of these different colors, giving me feedback, swatching tons of different colors all over arms, taking pictures. I wanted to choose colors that would appeal to people with all different skin tones. Since I'm only starting with six, I went with a few classics: Marilyn (red), Jennifer (hot pink) and Jessica (nude). Then me being a '90s grunge girl, I thought Heather (light brown) and Tristan (dark brown) were very appropriate. Then threw in Samantha (lavender) for fun! As far as me having a favorite color, I find myself wearing Heather quite a bit.


SH: We love the unicorn horn makeup brushes! How did you come up with their design?

DV: I know, I'm obsessed with them. Honestly, I saw some on Facebook and I contacted a few different suppliers to sample the quality. I went through a few different sets before deciding on the these. I'm extremely happy with them.

Unicorn horn makeup brushes from DJ Victory's makeup line Macy & Mia

(Courtesy of DJ Victory)


SH: What other exciting products can we expect to come from Macy & Mia?

DV: I would absolutely love to expand to a full-blown makeup line. I have a provisional patent on a few things that I hope will come to fruition. My wheels are constantly turning, so who knows!


SH: What's the most difficult part about running your own company? And what's the most rewarding part?

DV: Probably the most difficult part of running my own company is just trying to balance everything. I've been a salon owner for about 12 years, and adding this into the mix, along with my family, can be difficult. I have an extremely supportive husband, which helps, but it can be overwhelming. It is so rewarding on so many levels at the same time. Making people happy and being able to give to charity is what it's all about.


SH: How did you choose the non-profit Pay It Forward for Pets to donate a portion of your sales?

DV: Well, Macy and Mia are the names of my fur babies. I believe giving back is extremely important. I've always been an animal-lover, so since I named my brand after my dogs, and the products are cruelty free, I thought it would be a great idea to donate to an animal shelter. My very good friend volunteers at Pay It Forward For Pets, a 100% non-profit organization. It was even founded by her very good friend. So, needless to say, I trust it completely. I will be donating 10% of all of my retail sales to them.

Makeup artist and hairstylist DJ Victory with her dogs Macy and Mia

(Courtesy of DJ Victory)


SH: What's your advice for girls who aspire to be an entrepreneur like you one day?

DV: Don't give up! When my husband and I purchased our salon it was an existing salon, and before the previous owner finally left she looked me in the face and said, "Your vision sucks." I'll never forget her saying those words to me. I remember just being stunned that someone who barely knew me would be so cruel. I'm definitely the kind of person who uses negative words, actions and energy as fuel. When someone tells me I can't or I won't be able to, I will persevere, I promise!


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