Unicorn-Inspired Makeup: Everything You Need to Know About the Internet's Beloved Trend

We knew we were on to something when we started seeing unicorn-themed food appear on our Instagram feed.

From unicorn hot chocolate to unicorn milkshakes, we thought the trend couldn't get any better. That is, until we found a cult of unicorn makeup-lovers who are pushing boundaries on social media. This trend is all about being bold and using bright colors and glitter. These unicorn-lovers use their artistic skills and give their makeup looks the most magical touches.

The latest #MakeUpTrend is here and it's magical! Would you try the #unicorneyeliner

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Once we discovered that #unicornmakeup was a thing, we couldn't take our eyes off of it! Below we've rounded up the best products out there to help you achieve this colorful trend!

Chicers Temporary Stick-On Beauty Tats: $18

Beauty tattoos

(Courtesy of Flirt Cosmetics)

This trend is all about ethereal shapes and colors. If a steady hand isn't your thing, opt for these temporary beauty tattoos instead of drawing on shapes yourself. They go on stickers and are easy to remove. They come in a variety of shapes but the star tats are our favorites for the unicorn look.


NYX Blue Lipstick: $5.99

Blue lipstick

(Courtesy of NYX)

A bold lip is a staple of this trend. Nevertheless, unicorn fans are opting for colors that are off the beaten path. Bright blues and purples replace soft pinks and traditional reds. Don't be afraid to adopt the trend and slather on a blue bold lip.


Unicorn Snot: $9.99

Glitter gel

(Courtesy of FCTRY)

This trend would be virtually non-existent without glitter. We scoured the internet to find the best glitter option to achieve the unicorn look. No beauty product is more aptly named than this one! We love the packaging and think the cheeky name will be a conversation starter for days. You can use this on both your face and body. You can layer it on for a dramatic look, or only highlight your cheek and collar bones for a more subtle take on the trend.


Kat Von D Blue Eyeliner: $12

Blue Eyeliner

(Courtesy of Kat Von D)

NYX White Eyeliner: $7

White Eyeliner

(Courtesy of NYX)

The most impressive part of this trend is how makeup devotees are using their eyeliner to mimic an actual unicorn horn. Their artistic skills are on full display and luckily for us, easy to recreate. You need a minimum of two really great eyeliners, one of them has to be white. The white eyeliner will help give your "horn" dimension.


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