7 Unique Christmas Party Themes to Try This Year

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season in full swing, we can't help but look forward to Christmas parties!

While this time of year gets a ton of attention for being more oriented toward couples and family events, it's also full of fun times with friends. But if you're trying to switch it up from the good old "ugly sweater party" that we've all attended many times before this year, it's time to retire the cheesy sweater and try one of these unique Christmas party themes instead!

1. Christmas Glam

We're talking gloves, sparkles, suits, dresses, high heels and all the glitz and glam that you could ever want out of a holiday party. You don't need to keep it too classic, either—in fact—the campier the better for this theme! Go all out with classic Christmas colors and more glitter than you know what to do with (your Instagram stories will thank us later).


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2. First Letters

For a potluck-style get-together, have everyone bring a dish that starts with the first letter of their first name. From there, the creativity is all their own, so you could end up with quite an interesting feast.


3. Colors

Similarly, you could switch up your Christmas party by having everyone pick a color (to keep it holiday themed, you could have them choose from a mix of different colored ornaments without looking so that it's completely randomized). From there, it works the same as the first letter party: each person brings a dish in the color that they're assigned.


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4. Gingerbread House Competition

Forget the holiday baking shows you've seen on the Food Network because now it's time to host your own! Pick up enough gingerbread for each of your guests to create a house out of (or get really creative and bake your own), then have everyone build their own structure in a Christmas competition of sorts.


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5. Christmas Cookie Exchange

If gingerbread just isn't your thing, you don't need to give up on the Christmas cookie fun. Instead, simply go with a Christmas cookie exchange as your party theme! For this one, each guest will bake up a batch of a different kind of cookie, then at the event, you'll all trade with each other to end up with a perfectly diverse selection of delicious holiday delights to take home (or devour while you're still there, of course).


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6. Custom Hot Cocoa

You know how all the best events have some sort of candy or coffee bar set up where you can create your own perfect assortment? Well, why not make that the theme of your Christmas party? In this case, we recommend a hot cocoa bar complete with all the accessories you could ever want: peppermint, caramel, chocolate truffles, marshmallows and everything else in between.


7. Favorite Christmas Movies

And finally, try switching up your Christmas party theme by having everyone dress as their favorite Christmas movie! They can be as creative with it as they please, whether they take it as a pun or dress as one of the characters. Either way, it'll make for a night you won't soon forget.


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Now go forth and conquer the Christmas party game with one of these unique ideas. Want to further spice up your Christmastime this year? Click HERE to check out our ultimate Christmas bucket list.