9 Super Specific Christmas Tree Toppers That Will Have You Saying 'I Want That'

When decorating your Christmas tree, most people top it with an angel or a star. But you're not "most people," are you?

Instead of going the traditional route this year, cap your tree with one of the unique toppers below.

Super Mario Bros. Power Star Christmas Tree Topper: $50

Every Super Mario Bros. fan needs this topper to take their tree to the next level.

Super Mario Bros. power star christmas tree topper

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Donut Christmas Tree Topper: $35

Your Xmas tree will be the sweetest in all the land with this little guy. It's too bad you can't eat it though.

Donut christmas tree topper

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Angel T-Rex Christmas Tree Topper: $100

She is beauty. She is grace. She's totally for the $100 splurge.

Angel T-Rex Christmas tree topper

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Cat Christmas Tree Topper: $74.95

All you cat-lovers out there really need this on your tree. You can even get it personalized to look just like one of your kitties.

Cat Christmas tree topper

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Jack Skellington Christmas Tree Topper: $45.99

All hail the Pumpkin (er, Christmas?) King!

Jack Skellington Christmas tree topper

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Drake Christmas Tree Topper: $13.74

We can't think of a better Xmas tree topper than this one right here.

Drake Christmas tree topper

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Dobby the House Elf Christmas Tree Topper: $48

Dobby has come to protect your tree.

Dobby the House Elf Christmas tree topper

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Poké Ball Christmas Tree Topper: $20

Gotta catch 'em all, amirite?

Poké Ball Christmas tree topper

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Wonder Woman Christmas Tree Topper: $22.22

Pay homage to an iconic heroine with this topper. She really is a star.

Wonder Woman Christmas tree topper

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