6 Unique Desk Accessories That'll Make You Want to Work

You ever have those days where motivation simply doesn't exist?

The alarm clock goes off late, you burned the toast and a pimple decided to make a lovely appearance—those are the types of days we're talking about. With everything going wrong, why would you feel motivated to go on? Even if your day isn't even that bad, but you're just tired or simply don't want to get work done, we've all been there.

Have you found yourself lacking the motivation to get your work done, lately? It's all about the atmosphere you're working in! Keep reading for the six unique desk accessories that'll make you want to work.

Paddywax Impressions Candle in Ocean Rose + Bay: $20

If you find yourself daydreaming about lying on a beach somewhere tropical while you're supposed to be working, you're not alone. If you want to bring the ocean to you, you absolutely need this candle from Paddywax. Not only does the hang loose hand outline give us major Outer Banks vibes, but the smell itself literally reminds us of salty ocean air. No need to daydream if it feels like you're already at the beach, right? desk accessory

(via Paddywax)


Lucie Kaas Kokeshi Doll I Karl: $53

If you're a fan of the late Karl Lagerfeld, why not pay tribute to the icon? When we found this stunner of a doll by Lucie Kaas, we immediately fell in love. The doll captures Karl's features to a tee, and we think it would look so cute on a desk. With the icon watching your every move while working, you won't want to disappoint him, aka, you'll get your work done! And if Karl isn't quite your vibe, there are plenty of other icons to choose from on the site, like Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Anna Wintour and more!

desk accessory

(via Lucie Kaas)


Marie Mae Company Lined Notepad: $10

One thing everyone needs to have handy at their desk is a notepad. And no, we're not talking about the generic ones from Target, we mean something cute and chic that you'll want to take notes in. Whether you write down reminders for yourself or take notes from your last virtual class, we're loving this bad boy from Marie May—so chic!

desk accessory

(via Marie Mae)


U Brands Vena Wire Binder Clips Set: $10

If you struggle with keeping your documents and papers in order, you need to invest in some binder clips. We love this set by U Brands because its clips come in a variety of sizes and a fashionable gold finish. Don't opt for boring clips—these ones are so cute that you'll want to display them. Trust us when we say you'll get your work done with these bad boys by your side.

desk accessory

(via ban.do)


Evolved By Nature Hand Sanitizer: $4.99

Even if you're at your own desk all day, it'still important to keep your hands sanitized. After all, just think about it—you touch your keyboard, your face, your phone and so many other things all day. By keeping hand sanitizer handy at all times, you can avoid germs! We love this one from Evolved By Nature because of the price point and the chic white bottle!

desk accessory

(via Evolved By Nature)


Chasing Paper Pink Wall: $95

Chances are, your desk is situated in front of a plain and boring wall. If you want to spice it up, we recommend getting a print framed and hung right over your workspace. It will bring color and dimension, making you feel much more comfortable, willing and ready to get to work. This Chasing Paper print is simply gorgeous, and we think it'd look great in any room lacking color.

desk accessory

(via Chasing Paper)


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