The Craziest (But Coolest) Things We Tried at Los Angeles Times Night Market

Yummy food, drinks, music and games filled Los Angeles, California's Grand Park for the first Los Angeles Times Night Market.

As part of Food Bowl, a brand new festival going on all over the city during the month of May, we came expecting loads of unique and delicious dishes you can't find anywhere else.

We were not disappointed. Featuring such a dynamic food scene allowed us to really explore new, tasty options we normally wouldn't eat.

Scroll through to see our crazy, mouth-watering faves we tried below!

1. Sweet Corn Ice Cream & Macadamia Nut Cookie Sandwich

We like to kick things off with dessert and aren't even sorry about it. Normally, we like to keep our corn and ice cream on opposite sides of the meal, but believe us when we say this sweet corn ice cream from RiceBar is your next obsession. The creamy texture is given a little extra crunch by the frozen corn and macadamia nut cookies surrounding it. If you love corn more than life itself, this dessert is the perfect way to up your game.

Sweet corn ice cream sandwich


2. Cheeto Fried Chicken

We can't have too many chips in our life, so naturally we loved this chicken fried in Cheeto crumbs. We put our trust in the professionals at Baohaus on this one and couldn't have been happier with the results. The cheesy flavor of the crumbs combined with the lemon garlic sauce was absolute heaven.

Cheeto fried chicken


3. Coconut Acai Bowl

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to eat out of an actual coconut, your dream just came true. Amazebowls makes all your frozen fantasies a reality by creating acai bowls almost too pretty to eat. In addition to the edible outside, you can even munch on the decorative flowers! Our frozen yogurt habits will never be the same.

Coconut acai bowl


4. Alligator Andouille

If the prospect of eating alligator meat sounds as terrifying to you as it did to us, let us take a second to reassure you. The folks at Dogtown Dogs Exotic know exactly what they're doing and their gourmet sandwiches won't leave you unsatisfied. Topped with some magically delicious Cajun corn, it almost tasted exactly like chicken. If you're feeling super adventurous one day, we totally recommend trying it.

Alligator Adouille


5. Lobster Tacos

TART Restaurant helped us step out of our comfort zone with this seafood twist on a classic dish. Most of the time, we like to keep lobster as far away from our tacos as we can, but these little babies opened our eyes to the beautiful possibilities seafood can hold. Throw cilantro, onions and spicy mayo on top and you have a seriously unique taco.

Lobster taco


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