15 Graphic T-Shirts That Will Set You Apart from the Crowd

Graphic tees are everywhere. From cliche slogans, to quotes made popular by our fave celebs, there's no escaping the lettering that takes over our tops!

But in an effort to avoid walking out of the house wearing the same thing as our BFF, we've compiled this totally awesome list of 15 graphic tees to set you apart from the crowd.

Scroll below to see our selection:


1. For the girl who's definitely a mermaid: $48.00

Valfre Shello graphic tee

(via Valfre)


2. For the girl who doesn't stress over the little things in life: $50.00

Worrying is Boring graphic T-shirt

(via Local Heroes)


3. For the hopeless romantic: $20.00

All You Need Is The Right Kind Of Love graphic t-shirt

(via Jac Vanek)


4. For the girl who's out of this world: $34.00

I Need Some Space alient crop top from Gypsy Warrior

(via Gypsy Warrior)


5. For the girl who spends way too much time on the Internet: $21.00

Meme Trash graphic t-shirt from Look Human

(via Look Human)


6. For the feminist leader: $24.00

Women Now graphic t-shirt from Nasty Gal

(via Nasty Gal)


7. For the girl who's brutally honest: $59.00

All I care about is food, music festivals and maybe like thee people. graphic tee from Jac Vanek

(via Jac Vanek)


8. For the biker babe: $20.00

Bury me in my leather jacket shirt from Gypsy Warrior

(via Gypsy Warrior)


9. For the girl who's always optimistic: $22.00

The important thing is that I believe in myself. T-shirt from Society6

(via Society6)


10. For the girl who just wants everyone to love themselves: $21.00

Let's stop bodyshamming shirt from Look Human

(via Look Human)


11. For the girl who loves Star Wars as much as she loves Taylor Swift: $15.00

Taylor Swift 1989-inspired Rey shirt from teefury

(via TeeFury)


12. For the science fanatic: $21.00

Billy Nye Science is cool graphic t-shirt from Look Human

(via Look Human)


13. For the adventurous spirit: $22.00

Wo/ander shirt from Soceity6

(via Society6)


14. For the avid reader: $21.00

Party Never. Read Forever. Graphic t-shirt from look human

(via Look Human)


15. For the girl who knows what's most important in life: $21.00

Girls Just Wanna Have Cats graphic tee from Look Human

(via Look Human)


Ready to go on a shopping spree yet? We thought so. You should probably add THESE 13 items to your list too, especially if you're mermaid-obsessed.