7 Wonderfully Unique, Useful Items You Can Buy for Just $1 on the Wish App

One of our favorite pastimes is scrolling through the Wish App to find affordable treasures.

If you're unfamiliar with the platform, Wish houses thousands of items that are beautiful, unique and, most of all, reasonably priced.

We've curated our favorite useful finds that will only set you back one dollar!

Mermaid Tail Brush Set

The only thing we could possibly love more than the Wish App is anything mermaid related. These gold brushes are not only a steal at $1 for 11 of them, they are also so pretty to look at! These may just be the encouragement we need to get more creative with our looks.

Brush Set

(via Wish App)


Cartoon Cosmetic Makeup Bags

We are always looking for cute ways to organize ourselves and these cartoon makeup bags will do just the trick. The colorful design can double as pencil bags for school. Their zipper pompons are just icing on the cake!


(via Wish App)


Crystal Water Beads

Our love for crystals runs deep and these colorful soil-replacing beads have made our day. They expand upon being watered and will retain H20 to keep your plants alive with minimal effort. One dollar will get you a whopping 20,000 beads that will expand to even larger dimensions.

Crystal Mud

(via Wish App)


Mini Highlighter Marker

You've heard about K-beauty but now, Korean Stationary is ready to blow your mind (but not your wallet). Just as cute as its beauty product counterparts, these mini highlighters will breathe life into any pencil bag. Not to mention, at $1 for 6, you can buy enough for you and your friends.
Korean Stationary

(via Wish App)


Milk Cartons Pencil Case

Another great K-stationary find are pencil cases made to look like milk cartons. These cute designs will fit scissors, erasers, pens and pencils neatly and in style. The $1 price tag also beats any office supply store find.

milk carton pencil bag

(via Wish App)


Gel Foot Covers

Nixing your favorite heels for more comfortable shoes can be a thing of the past with this $1 contraption. Pull it over your toes and the bottom of your foot to create padding and avoid pain.


(via Wish App)


Confetti Earrings

We can't think of more festive jewelry than these confetti earrings. They're perfect for creating a fun pop of color for any outfit but also fancy enough to wear to prom. This $1 find is sure to stay in our jewelry collection for a long time.


(via Wish App)


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