9 Unique Makeup Brush Sets You Have to See to Believe

Any beauty guru knows you can never have too many makeup brushes.

And after you feast your eyes on these nine sets of whimsical products, you'll be adding plenty to your collection.

Scroll below to see every unique set!

Marble Brush Set: $60

Though their marbleized handles make them look almost too pretty to use, these brushes are just what you need to help contour your face to perfection.

Marble brush set from Skinnydip London

(via Skinnydip London)


Wizard Wands Brush Set: $55

Have you ever seen more magical eyeshadow brushes in your entire life? Hopefully these Harry Potter-inspired brushes from Storybook Cosmetics also allow us to cast spells when we aren't using them to do our makeup.

Wizard wands brush set from Storybook Cosmetics

(via Storybook Cosmetics)


Serpent Brush Set: $39.99

If you've got a thing for snakes, these simple serpent makeup brushes need to be added to your beauty bag immediately. We're sure your other brushes won't mind if they slithered in.

Serpent makeup brush set

(via Target)


Mermaid Brush Set: $65

Calling all mermaids! Whether you're swimming in the sea or walking on land, this brightly colored brush set should always be by your side. It also helps that it comes in an ever-so-convenient shell-shaped carrying case.

Mermaid brush set from Spectrum Collections


(via Spectrum Collections)


Unicorn Brush Set: $49

Pearly and pristine, these unicorn horns are utterly gorgeous! Any unicorn-lover will be more than elated to add them to their collection of unicorn-inspired items.

Unicorn makeup brushes

(via Unicorn Lashes)


Blue Oil Slick Brush Set: $49

Better hop on this trend before it's cool, because oil slick-printed everything is about to be everywhere in 2017.

Oil Slick makeup brushes from Spectrum Collections

(via Spectrum Collections)


Nutcracker Brush Set: $31.50

Inspired by The Nutcracker, this mineralize brush kit from MAC will keep you in the holiday spirit year-round. And who wouldn't want that?!

Nutcracker makeup brush kit from MAC Cosmetics

(via MAC Cosmetics)


Rainbow Brush Set: $7.88

Can't decide on the one color you want all your brushes to be? Obviously these rainbow brushes will save the day.

Rainbow makeup brush set

(via AliExpress)


Purple Brush Set: $14.68

If you really want your brushes to stand out above the crowd, these striking purple ones will do the trick.

Purple makeup brush set

(via AliExpress)


Wondering how those wizard wand brushes came to be? Head over HERE to get the story straight from the creators themselves.