5 Unique Corsages You're Definitely Going to Want for Prom

Hello, and welcome to prom season.

You have the dress, you have the date, now you just have to put the finishing touches on your outfit. Namely, the corsage.

But why settle for boring old flowers when you can do something totally out of the box? Keep scrolling for five unique corsages you're definitely going to want for prom.

1. The Croissant Corsage

This corsage looks good enough to eat. Seriously though, put this flaky pastry in the middle of your corsage and you'll have something to munch on for your end-of-prom midnight snack.

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2. The Succulent Corsage

The trendiest corsage in all the land—meet the succulent corsage. It's a beauty that will probably still die, but it may fade a little slower than all the rest. Plus, it's totally Insta-worthy.

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3. The Book Corsage

Why buy a corsage that'll die when you can create one that will last forever? This book corsage layers pieces of a novel into a flower-like shape. This particular one features pages from The Lord of the Rings, but really any work of literary genius will have the same effect.

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4. The Chicken Corsage

Another mouthwatering treat, this chicken-infused wristlet offers so much more than just pretty flowers. We doubt we'd make it to the dance without chowing down, but who can blame us?


5. The Sheet Music Corsage

Much like the book corsage, but perfect for the more musically inclined, the sheet music corsage is a must-have for artistic couples. Choose your favorite tune, practice your origami skills and end up with a keepsake corsage you can hide away forever.

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