United Sodas of America Has a Dozen Unique Pop Flavors at Just 30 Calories Per Can

While I've tried to convert to mostly being a seltzer-drinker over the last couple of years, I do occasionally crave an ultra-sugary soda and find myself giving in.

It doesn't help that the family fridge is always fully stocked with everything from cola to root beer to lemon-lime and orange sodas, so I have to use constraint to avoid having them on the reg. While diet sodas cut down on the sugar, they tend to contain ingredients such as aspartame that I try to avoid putting in my body.

That's exactly why I was so excited when I found out that an agency I work with frequently reps United Sodas of America, a low-calorie, naturally sweetened soda brand that's all about bold and unique flavors. They were kind enough to send me a variety pack of 12 fascinating sodas to try, and I have to say that this is a brand I plan to keep in my life for the foreseeable future.

The Sodas

United Sodas of America makes sodas with only 30 calories and seven net carbs per can, organically sweetened with cane sugar, plant-based erythritol and stevia. They manage to create punchy flavors you won't find anywhere else without utilizing artificial ingredients. These sodas are allergen-free, gluten-free and vegan. Plus, they're totally caffeine-free, which is perfect for people like me who are caffeine-sensitive.

The brand has a dozen different flavors which each come in vibrantly colored cans, making them super Instagrammable. Whether you're buying a variety pack, theme pack or 12 of your favorite flavor, 12-packs sell for $34.99 each and ship free to all 50 states. You can also do a monthly subscription and save 10% on your orders every month, and they have a satisfaction guarantee, so you can get a refund in the bizarre case that you somehow don't like them.

United Sodas of America variety pack

(via United Sodas of America)


The Flavors

Cherry Pop

In trying the United Sodas of America, I decided to go right down the rainbow in color order, starting with the Cherry Pop. The first thing that came to mind when sipping this flavor was a cherry Icee, conjuring memories of convenience store trips and movie outings. The cherry flavor is bold, with only the slightest hint of "diet" taste. It was one of the most traditional flavors in the set, but that wasn't a bad thing in the slightest.

United Sodas of America Cherry Pop

(via United Sodas of America)


Strawberry Basil

Strawberry Basil might sound like an unusual soda flavor, but funnily enough, this isn't the first I've tried! While the peppery flavor of basil is apparent in this soda, it's pretty subdued beneath the crisp fruit taste of the strawberry. They balance out well, making this can ultra sippable, even for those who might be weirded out by the addition of an herbal flavor.

United Sodas of America Strawberry Basil

(via United Sodas of America)


Extra Peach

When the makers of this soda named it "Extra Peach," they weren't joking around. The slightly acidic, vibrantly sweet and tart peach flavor of this soda is totally in your face, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's not quite like taking a big bite out of the fresh fruit, but it's pretty close.

United Sodas of America Extra Peach

(via United Sodas of America)


Orange Nectarine

This is anything but your traditional orange soda. Really, it's the nectarine flavor that shines through here, being a tiny bit tart and fruity, but rounded out with the slightly sour citrus essence of orange. The two complement each other well to make something totally bright and refreshing.

United Sodas of America Orange Nectarine

(via United Sodas of America)


Young Mango

I had a hard time believing how well this soda captured the spirit of Alphonso mangoes. It's fresh and fruity, with a tropical aroma and vivid flavor without being too sweet. If you have those little yellow mangos in mind when you drink this, and not the green-red ones, then you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

United Sodas of America Young Mango

(via United Sodas of America)


Lemon Verbena

I'm obsessed with lemon sodas and constantly disappointed by the lack of them in the industry, so I was very excited to see this can in the pack from United Sodas of America. Though it doesn't have the sour, knock-you-out-of-your-seat lemon flavor I prefer, I still found it crisply delicious. The bold citrus flavor is definitely there, and it's not too sweet.

United Sodas of America Lemon Verbena

(via United Sodas of America)


Pear Elderflower

Neither pear nor elderflower are flavors often found in sodas, so this is another can that definitely piqued my interest. Here, I found that the musky, floral essence of the elderflower was really subdued, making way for the also mellow flavor of pear. This flavor is all about the subtlety, and it pulls off the combination well.

United Sodas of America Pear Elderflower

(via United Sodas of America)


Gingery Ale

adore ginger ale, so I was curious to see how United Sodas of America's 30-calorie version would fare. While this wasn't as sweet or as boldly gingery as my favorite versions of the beverage, it was still pretty tasty, as well as easy to drink. Because the real deal has so much sugar, I would gladly have this as a replacement—at least about half of the time.

United Sodas of America Gingery Ale

(via United Sodas of America)


Sour Blueberry

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that this soda is actually sour, it does have a nice tart flavor, as opposed to the too-sweet sugariness of traditional fruity sodas. That little bit of sourness, mixed with a popping blueberry taste, makes it taste great and go down easy.

United Sodas of America Sour Blueberry

(via United Sodas of America)


Toasted Coconut

I wasn't at all sure what to expect when I took my first sip of the Toasted Coconut flavor, and yet it was precisely what it should have been. Let's just say that if you don't like Mounds or Almond Joy chocolate bars, you won't like this. It perfectly encapsulates the sweet, nutty flavor of toasted flakes of coconut. I couldn't help but drink the whole can straight, but it would probably mix deliciously with pineapple to make the perfect piña colada soda.

United Sodas of America Toasted Coconut

(via United Sodas of America)


White Grape

I have never been a fan of grape sodas, so I didn't know whether to look forward to this one or not. As with any of the other sodas, my fears were not justified. The grape flavor here is very light, like a very toned-down version of a traditional, super-purple grape soda, and that suited me just fine. In fact, I found it to be the most seltzer-like of the varieties, with just enough lightly sweet flavor to be ultra satisfying.

United Sodas of America White Grape

(via United Sodas of America)


Blackberry Jam

And last but not least was the Blackberry Jam soda, which was one of my favorites of the bunch. To me, the rich berry flavor reminded me of rich boysenberry, with the right balance of tart and sweet berry flavor. It really is reminiscent of jam, and this can didn't last long at all.

United Sodas of America Blackberry Jam

(via United Sodas of America)


Bottom Line

If you ask me, every flavor in the United Sodas of America line is absolutely delicious, and if you have the money to splurge a little, trying all 12 flavors at least once is a delicious experience that might just lead you to your new favorite soda. Plus, you can take some pretty vibrant pics in the process.

Of course, not everyone wants to spend just under $3 a can for a classic-sized soda can (or even the discounted price of about $2.63 with the subscription). It's definitely pricier than what you'll find at the supermarket, and whether the price makes sense to you will depend a lot on your taste buds, your dedication to low-calorie drinks and your wallet.

Personally, this is an indulgence I can see myself dipping into from time to time. When the world is normal again, the soda-tasting parties are going to be a lot of fun.


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