7 of the Strangest, Most Unique Conventions Across the U.S.

From Comic-Con to Hello Kitty Con, there's a convention for just about anything these days.

Just the other day, the first-ever Emojicon was announced. Talking about emojis for days on end sounds like something we'd thoroughly enjoy, seeing as we basically do that already.

With the announcement of this unique occasion, we thought we'd reveal seven more oddball conventions you've probably never heard of until now.

1. Merfest in Cary, North Carolina

Calling all mermaids! This is the type of convention you only thought existed in your dreams. Turns out it's real and happens annually. You bet we'll be in attendance next year, tail and all.

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2. BronyCon in Baltimore, Maryland

Fans of the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic gather each year for this interesting occasion. It's quite the treat seeing attendees, namely adult males, decked out in My Little Pony-themed outfits.


3. The Vent Haven ConVENTion in Hebron, Kentucky

You might actually enjoy this convention…if you're one of the few brave souls who doesn't run away in fear at the sight of a ventriloquist dummy.


4. The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators in Orlando, Florida

President Barack Obama, Oprah, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson all in one room together? Sign us up!


5. Sideshow Gathering in Wikes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Plenty of strange events occur at this convention, including sword swallowing, glass walking and record breaking attempts in just about anything you can think of. No matter how "weird" you think you are, you'll fit right in at the Sideshow Gathering.


6. International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona

You guessed it, this convention caters to all things extraterrestrial and otherworldly. Talk about close encounters of the third kind, amirite?


7. The Association of Lincoln Presenters in Columbus, Ohio

History class would probably be a little bit more exciting if one of these Abe Lincoln impersonators taught us about the Emancipation Proclamation.


If you plan on venturing across the United States to attend all of these conventions, you may want to book a night at one of THESE ridiculously cool hotels in North America.