Unity Day Unites Students Against Bullying!

Today is Unity Day 2013, a day to band together to discuss ways to end bullying, and wear the color orange to show your unity!Unity Day

Unity Day was developed by PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center as a way to bring people together against bullying. It comes right in the middle of anti-bullying month!

The slogan of Unity Day is simple. "Make it orange and make it end! Unite against bullying!"

On Unity Day, you can wear orange to show your support for students who get bullied!

Link with your community to discuss the importance of ending bullying and send your support to bullied kids!

Check out their official list of what you can do for your community below!

  • Wear the color ORANGE
  • Write the word "UNITY" on your hand, your notebook, or on a poster to hang in your locker or hallway
  • Hang a banner with the word UNITY and ask everyone to sign
  • Create and wear an orange "unity ribbon"

Do you take a stand against bullies? Tell us about it at Sweety High!