If You're Unphotogenic, You'll Relate to These 9 Truths

Are your two least favorite words say cheese?

For some of us, the glass is always half empty when it comes to posing in pictures. Even in the best outfit, at the best party with the very best people, there's no saving you from a photo faux-pas.
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With that, it's time to stop with the pity party and start with knowing you're not alone. If you classify yourself as a highly unphotogenic individual, you'll relate to the nine truths below.

1. One posing side is significantly worse than the other. Although you don't dig the way you look in photos from any angle, that one in particular is always a recipe for disaster.

2. Everyone loves a striking photo of themselves, but when you snap even a remotely decent shot, you're thinking (and talking) about it from the moment you take it until you go to bed. It's like the biggest deal!

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3. When you post a decent shot of yourself on social media, the "likes" dramatically pour in. It's such a rarity that you post quite a flattering pic, and your followers are in shock, too!

4. No one ever wants to take your photo because they know you will request endless redos. Can they really blame you?

5. There's one part of your face that you swear prevents you from taking more flattering shots. If only I had a more defined chinI wish my teeth were straighter, my hair is never tamewhy do my eyes always look so red?

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6. Your Instagram photo selection consists mainly of scenery and objects—not you!

7. If someone were to scroll through your phone's saved photos, they'd find a slew of selfies—but not because you're a narcissist, but rather because for every 50 shots taken, you're lucky to nail one winner.

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8. When you tell people who don't know you too well that you're the least photogenic person, they gasp in disbelief, arguing that "you look so good in all of your photos!" Umm, yeah, little do they know those are the one out of every 50 taken.

9. If you feel like your look is even slightly off leading up to a photo opp, you'll find a way to conceal your face. Whether it's with a hand or by turning away, you already know in advance that any distraction from your face is a warm welcome.

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