Sick of Dry Shampoo? Unsubscribe No Rinse Shampoo Will Solve Your Haircare Woes

Confession time: I wash my hair every day.

I know you're not supposed to, and that daily washing strips your hair of natural oils that leave it soft and healthy, but I have very straight, smooth and dark hair that only takes a day to start looking greasy. I hear that if I can manage to get on a healthier shampooing schedule, that issue will likely correct itself, but getting there does not sound like a good time, and dry shampoos only leave my hair looking chalky and dull.

After a couple of failed attempts to reduce my shampoo sessions a few years ago, I gave up—but that was all before I was introduced to Unsubscribe and their no-rinse hair wash. The folks at Unsubscribe were kind enough to send me a sample and to chat with me about exactly how Unsubscribe works, and it's completely changed my hair care regimen for the better.

The Product

Unsubscribe is a no-rinse hair wash that was designed specifically to deal with post-workout hair, but it is so much more versatile than that. Whether you need to refresh up after a workout, want your hair looking fabulous without shampooing or want to get pesky smoke or food smells out of your hair, Unsubscribe has you covered.

The 1.75 oz tube is full of cleansing foam that uses enzymes to deodorize sweaty hair by neutralizing bacteria and smells. It also includes amino acids to strengthen hair while making it look great and protecting color, plus green tea and chamomile extracts to soothe your scalp and leave you feeling extra refreshed, all while giving it a bit of extra hold. It can also be used as many times as you want during the week in order to help you "unsubscribe" from daily hair washes.

Unsubscribe works for all hair types, and once applied, can be blowdried for extra volume and hold, or air-dried for a more natural look. It comes in a conveniently sized bottle, so it can be easily thrown into your gym bag or purse. Also, unlike most dry shampoos, it's aluminum-free and leaves out harsh ingredients you don't need in your hair and scalp. The brand even has a quick quiz you can take to figure out exactly how much you need to apply to your hair.

A one-pack of Unsubscribe sells for $34, while you can purchase a two-pack for $48 or a three-pack for $60.


(via Unsubscribe)


The Experience

From the second my tube of Unsubscribe arrived, I was excited to try it out. Even though I wasn'particularly sweaty at the time, I decided to give it a whirl. According to the quiz, I should use two to four pumps at my roots and two to four pumps at my ends to get the maximum benefit, so I got two pumps of the soft, thin foam in my hands before applying to the hair on the back of my scalp, just above my neck, and I already knew this would be a favorite product of mine.

For one, the wash has such a pleasant clean and grassy scent that made me instantly feel relaxed, and made my hair feel extra clean. Secondly, any hint of sweatiness I was feeling on the back of my neck instantly disappeared, and instead, my head just felt clean and refreshed. It wasn't heavy at all, and I looked forward to a time when I would actually need it to see it work its wonders.


That opportunity came very soon. It's already getting quite chilly where I live, and though I thoroughly love the regularly sub-60° temperatures during the day, that usually means that when I bundle up for a long dog walk, by the middle of it, I've warmed up way too much. Unsubscribe has been the perfect remedy to any excess sweating. I no longer have to worry about needing to take a second shower after getting sweat in my hair because the wash takes care of smells as well as the feeling of sweat.

But the real test was using it to completely replace some of my morning shampoos, and it's done beautifully in that area too. On those rare occasions that I don't have time for my morning shower, I've found that Unsubscribe not only makes me feel like I have showered, but also gets rid of bedhead immediately—which is honestly one of the reasons a wash is so ingrained in my daily ritual. It never weighs my hair down and makes it look clean and voluminous with no effort on my part.

While I haven'yet reduced my shampooing down to once or twice a week—I've caught myself shampooing on autopilot on more than one occasion when I've intended not to—I'm getting there, and Unsubscribe is to thank for that.

Unsubscribe hair wash foam in hand

(via Unsubscribe)


Bottom Line

If you're trying to break up with shampooing on a daily basis, I can't recommend Unsubscribe highly enough. Dry shampoos just don't work with my hair the way they're advertised, but this delivers everything it promises, and then some. The $34 price tag may be a bit steep for some, but a little goes a long way with this product, and if you're in with Unsubscribe for the long haul, you'll do yourself a favor if you invest in three bottles for $60 instead. Chances are that you'll be hooked and it'll be completely worth it.


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