7 Food Items Made Unexpectedly Better By Chocolate

If you're not celebrating National Chocolate Lover's Day by immersing yourself in a cocoa-induced food coma, then what are you even doing?

We know it's difficult to find the perfect way to do so, but don't worry, we have it on lock this year. Instead of making your typical chocolate chip cookies, why not try something a little more daring?

Read on for a few unique ways to add chocolate to your every day meals and snacks.

1. Chocolate Cookie Pizza

Pizza is delicious in any form, but this chocolatey-flavored twist completely takes it up a notch. Take your taste buds for a ride using the recipe HERE.

chocolate cookie pizza

(via Betty Crocker)


2. Chocolate Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot-flavored anything normally doesn't go with chocolate, but the smooth addition of it to this dessert is exactly what it's been missing the whole time. Do yourself a favor and try out the recipe HERE, you won't regret it.

chocolate carrot cupcakes

(via Chocablog)


3. Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Because you know by now that we live for a sweet and savory combo, why not pair your crispy bacon with a little chocolate dipping sauce? You can even add a few other ingredients for an extra kick. Read the full recipe HERE.

chocolate covered bacon

(via Frugal Antics)


4. Chocolate & Fruit Panini

This sweet and fruity alternative to a normally savory meal is 100% worth your time. Adding chocolate to the mix is the perfect way to make breakfast the most beautiful meal of the day again. Find the recipe HERE.

chocolate fruit panini

(via Babble)


5. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Your favorite snack just got a mouthwatering makeover. Like chocolate covered bacon, it will be a sweet and salty combo you just can't put down. Be sure to make a very large batch using the recipe HERE.

chocolate covered pretzels

(via Food.com)


6. Chocolate Chuck Wagon Chili

It is widely accepted that chili isn't something you would normally think to have added to chocolate, but we're about to change that for you. Adding chocolate chips to the pot gives it both extra flavor and a creamier texture. This one might take a little extra time, but have we ever steered you wrong when it comes to food? View the recipe HERE.

chocolate chuck wagon chili

(via Miss Information)


7. Chocolate-Covered Mac & Cheese

We know this recipe sounds bizarre, but you have to trust us on this one. If you like chocolate and mac 'n' cheese separately, we know you'll thank us for joining the two together in perfect harmony. Read how to make it HERE.
chocolate covered mac and cheese

(via The Food in My Beard)


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