7 Unusual, But Delicious Popcorn Recipes to Make on Your Next Movie Night

Our favorite snack just got a major makeover.

As much as we love to kick back on the couch with a simple bag of microwave popcorn, we're also ready to step out of our comfort zone and explore a few more exotic flavors.

Scroll through for a few seemingly unusual, but delicious, popcorn recipes that will definitely add flavor to your next movie night.


1. Cookies & Cream Popcorn

Skip the ice cream this time and just make your popcorn cookies and cream-flavored instead. Prepare it using THIS recipe.

cookies and cream-flavored popcorn

(via Erica's Sweet Tooth)


2. Marshmallow Popcorn

Yes, we have a sweet tooth and no, we will not apologize for it. Marshmallow isn't typically an ingredient you find on popcorn, but we're now making it one. Find the recipe HERE.

Marshmallow popcorn

(via Your Homebased Mom)


3. Buffalo Ranch Popcorn

If you want to add a little more zest to your evening snack, may we suggest this buffalo ranch-flavored treat? The Spice Girls said it best, spice up your life [using THIS recipe!].

Buffalo ranch popcorn

(via Babble)


4. Bacon Truffle Popcorn

Our love for bacon is never-ending so it's only appropriate we include it on our popcorn, too. THIS recipe provides just the right amount of flavor without overwhelming our beloved snack.

Bacon Truffle Popcorn

(via Shockingly Delicious)


5. Cinnamon Chili Popcorn

Cinnamon and chili powder make up a sweet, spicy and addicting flavor twist on regular old popcorn. Read how to make it HERE.

Cinnamon chili popcorn

(via Babble)


6. Pizza Popcorn

Pizza, because duh. Now that THIS pizza-inspired popcorn recipe exists, we are officially in heaven.

Pizza Popcorn

(via Food.com)


7. Honey & Parmesan Popcorn

One of the more bizarre-sounding takes on our fave snack, THIS recipe actually packs a serious flavor punch. Your taste buds will thank you, we promise.

Honey parmesan popcorn

(via Food.com)


Now that we've covered all your popcorn needs, you'll want THESE items next if you're a major peanut butter-lover.