This List of Unusual Father's Day Gifts Will Help You Find THE Perfect Gift for Dad

Here at Sweety High, we know better than anyone that dads come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The gifts that might be perfect for some dads might immediately get stuffed into a closet, never to be seen again, by others.

That's why it's important that gift guides cover all types of dads—and that's precisely what we've tried to do here. If you're still on the lookout for that Father's Day gift that'll make the father figure in your life light up, we've got you covered.

Evan Alexander My Growth Beard Kit: $105

Designed by men of color, for men of color, Evan Alexander is certainly a unique skin and haircare brand. If your dad takes pride in his beard, give him all the tools he needs to take great care of it with this My Growth Beard Kit. It includes strawberry-coconut flavored gummies for hair growth, plus beard wash, an intensive beard hydrator, beard serum and beard balm, plus a sandalwood comb. Not only do they work great, but the tobacco and amber-scented balm smells good you'll want to steal it for yourself!

Evan Alexander My Growth beard Kit

(via Evan Alexander)

Geekey: $22.99 

Have a dad that always misplaces his tools? Become his hero by gifting him a Geekey this Father's Day. This incredible, key-sized multi tool fits right on a keyring and includes a dozen tools in one, including an imperial/metric closed wrench, wire stripper, bike spoke key and wire bender, file, serrated edge, screwdriver and so much more. It's small, masculine and oh-so-practical, and since it lives with your keys, dad will (usually) know precisely where to find it.

Geekey Key product

(via Geekey)


Mixture Men Lava Rock Diffuser: $49.99

Sick of getting your scent-loving dad the same boring candles year after year? Gift him something a little different this year with a Lava Rock Diffuser from Mixture Men. This handy holder comes loaded with real lava rocks, which absorb and diffuse his favorite essential oils. We love their Debauchery scent in particular, which has a strong, complex scent made up of a blend of patchouli, clove, amber and more.

Mixture Man Lava Rock Diffuser

(via Mixture Men)


Baby Fire Pits Micro Moose in Mountains: $84.99

We don't know what it is about dads and tending to fires, but if your father is the king of every bonfire, he'll love this Micro Moose in the Mountains pit from Baby Fire Pits. The brand uses a gel fuel that's smokeless, odorless and fume-free, and it's compact, so it can easily be packed up for camping or lit in the backyard, but is also safe to huddle around inside. We especially love their designs and the blue-green patina that develops on the copper.

Baby Fire Pits Micro Moose in Mountains

(via Baby Fire Pits)


BuzzPatch: $36 (3 packs)

These anti-mosquito stickers were technically developed for kids, but we think they're also perfect for any outdoorsy dads who also happen to be mosquito magnets. These colorful stickers are placed on the clothes and use an essential oil blend to ward off blood-sucking bugs, preventing itchy and annoying bites, later. Plus they're non-toxic and DEET-free—and they smell like lavender, as an added bonus.

BuzzPatch stickers in hand

(via BuzzPatch)


Solely Fruit Jerky: $17.99 (12 strips)

Have a jerky-loving dad? Solely's Fruit Jerky strips are the perfect introduction to a new, healthy brand with the help of an element of familiarity. Best of all, each of their vegan strips has a maximum of three ingredients, and while their mango and banana strips contain one entire fruit, the pineapple bars include half a pineapple. There are also chocolate-drizzled and spicy varieties, in case dad requires a little extra flavor in his jerky!

Solely Fruit Jerky Strips

(via Solely)


Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream: $34.95

Here's something for all of the achey dads out there. Whether their job is more physical and they're often complaining about sore backs and feet, or they sit in front of a computer all day and have neck pain and headache woes, this safe and luxurious but ultra-effective balm from Mineralgia can soothe and relieve their pain. It's doctor-formulated and made with plant-based essential oils, but best of all, it works wonders.

Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream

(via Mineralgia)


Kitchen Crafted BLND Spices: Starting at $6.99

For the grill master and chef dads out there, we highly recommend the ridiculously tasty spice blends from Kitchen Crafted's BLND line. The Love My Chai BLND instantly turns black tea or coffee into a tasty blend of masala chai and adds a nice kick to sweet treats, while their Jumpin' Java BLND adds a kick to meats and more through a mixture of sugar, salt, pepper, espresso, chilies and onion. It's even delicious added to certain desserts, if you're daring enough.

Kitchen Crafted BLND Jumpin Java

(via Kitchen Crafted)


DONA Chai Pancake Kit: $32

Sometimes, dad is the only one in the household who can get his special pancakes just right. This kit mixes delectable buckwheat pancake mix with DONA Masala Chai concentrate to give him everything he needs to put a twist on his famous hotcakes. This combination makes for a spicy, nutty and wholesome breakfast experience. And the best part? You'll have plenty of chai concentrate when it's done to mix into beverages and so much more.

DONA Chai Pancake mix

(via DONA)


Fable The Game: $55

If your dad loves his dog and wants the very best for his special pup, he's going to love the brand Fable—and this unique toy that exercises and feeds his dog all at once. This 2.2 lb. toy can hold more than 1.5 cups of dry food, mimicking the experience of hunting prey in the wild while tossing out small bits of food during play. It's heavy and super sturdy, and with different "difficulty" settings, your dad can adjust it to his dog's needs. It's perfect for keeping dogs entertained and properly fed.

Fable: The Game dog toy

(via Fable)


Well Told Custom Glass Mug: $19.99

Well Told is an ingenious company that commemorates our beloved hometowns by printing and etching maps onto drinking vessels. Whether you live in a big city or somewhere that no one has ever heard of, there's a map for you. International cities are available, and any town in the U.S. can be custom etched. They have everything from pint to rocks to wine glasses, along with insulated tumblers to ceramic coffee mugs, but we particularly love their stylish glass coffee mugs. We had a couple etched with our tiny town and were so happy with the results.

Well Told Mugs Bellevue

(via Well Told)


Bluegrass Hive & Honey Fresh Beard Grooming Gift Set: $36.99

Bluegrass Hive & Honey is another brand we love that's all about beard care, and their Fresh Beard Grooming Gift Set is perfect for dads looking to take better care of their facial hair. It includes a sandalwood comb or travel beard brush, plus beard balm or beard wax and beard oil in their Fresh lemongrass, spearmint and pepper fragrance. It's a simple yet effective way to get the job done.

Bluegrass Hive & Honey Beard Kit Fresh

(via Bluegrass Hive & Honey)


Baloo 12 lb. Weighted Throw: $159

This weighted throw blanket from Baloo will be the perfect addition to your dad's favorite cozy chair. It's thin and sleek, yet anything but light, with a look dad will love while it applies gentle weight to the body, relaxing the nervous system while lifting the mood and encouraging serotonin production. Even the most skeptical dad will fall in love with it after a single use.

Baloo Weighted Throw Blanket

(via Baloo)


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